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this pillow is ***! smaller and flatter then my 5 year old worn out pillows.

You could get better pillows at the dollar store! This pillow is also NOT cool like it is advertised to have a built in cooling effect. I followed all the directions before using it the first time. This is a terrible pillow and not worth more then 6.00, and with shipping it cost me 71.00!

Don't waste your money, the inventor, Michael J.

Lindell says this is the worlds best pillow, in fact it is the worse in my opinion. I bought this pillow because I suffer with virtigo, and I woke with a stiff neck and had a sleepless night on it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Monetary Loss: $71.

Location: Bowling Green, Kentucky

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If You Didn't Like It You Should Have Sent It Back... Comes With Guaranty... Your Pillow Isn't Going To Fix Virtigo


I tried to send mine back. First they’re very snotty and then would never send the return instructions.


I completely agree. The new version of my pillow is half the weight and half the size of the original “my pillow “ which was SO good for people with neck issues. The new pillow is total junk


Doesn’t look like a good pillow. Too small and lots of marketing , millions and millions of $$ spent...


Because it’s sh$&t. Never buy a product from a tv or radio commercial that saturates to market over and over and over


Oh my gosh! I can’t believe the immaturity and crudeness of the writers here.

It almost seems like the same person posting again and again. Why in the world would a pillow (good or bad) upset your life so much? Really?

It’s a pillow! Wow..


Ummmm, because people are paying a lot of money for a piece of crap product that isn’t worth a dollar. Ya dumb ***


I agree, stupid me. I paid $155-ish for sheets.

They're crap. sloppy fit and every night a corner comes loose.

Called to return and they want me to pay for return. I'm pretty upset about that but moreover, I'm super concerned that I'll actually get my money back.


I bought a my pillow and it is the worst pillow I have ever used. I woke up with terrible neck pains and had to throw the pos away.

Stay away from this scam, Mr.

Lindell is a liar and is indulging in false advertising. Do not get scammed !!


He lies about everything and if he is such a good guy then why 2 divorces, 2 dui's and domestic violence.


Pillows full of uneven stuffing that are worse quality than products at HomeGoods and or Kmart / Walmart! Don't buy and waste your money on fast food as it's a much safer bet because either way, you know you're getting ***


Unbelieveable -price quality build. This guy uses the cheapest materials to construct !

What i did was went to a store and broke open a box and felt the pillow . Took a bit to get it out as its a sealed box to prevent opening for the big surprize * This pillow is made of scrap chunks of foam rubber from factorys who make furniture padding or other companys making products using foam rubber. He buys their SCRAP PIECES and stuffs it in a cheap material to enclose it calling it a pillow ? Now hes selling bedding commercial states he gets the material for this across to the other side of the WORLD ?????




Ha Ha and yes he says that he travels to the middle of the earth somewhere around Egypt. lol liar, liar pants on fire.


It is sad that people do not go on line before buying something seen on tv and check out the reviews.


These pillows are a big waste of money and not worth the $50 I paid for it. What a big scam.

Don’t waste your money.

That pillow is hot and filled with pieces of sponge.I bought two at the same time and cost me over $100. Don’t always believe what he says in that ripoff of a commercial.


Liddell touting his junk products is curse on TV. I wish there was someway to have him go away and just {{redacted}} gotten scam money in Minnesota, or preferably Antarctica.


This guy is a piece of crap notice how he always make sure there is a Cross planted on his neck perfectly placed every time his ugly mug his shown on TV just to try and convince you to believe he is a honest God fearing man what con artist....!!!


and Lindell is Jewish acting like he is a good Christian. A real "Snake Oil" salesman for sure.

He says it took him two years to invent this *** pillow. Read about his past on the internet.


Ole Mike is a *** artist.....smooth talker !


Anyone who HAS to advertise as much as this guy does is usually trying to sell a pack of crap. No way would I buy anything from this phony!


I purchased four wonderful down feathered pillows from Nordstrom Rack a few years ago: they were on sale for $100 for a package of two. They are well made with double covers.

They are one of the best bedding investments I ever made and after reading some of these reviews on My Pillow, I am all the more glad I purchase my four down feathered pillows.

I was curious about My Pillows from the ads and hype but so far all of my research has shown that My Pillow is a poor product. By the way; the pillows that I purchased at Nordstrom Rack are by Pacific Coast Pillows.

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