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this pillow is ***! smaller and flatter then my 5 year old worn out pillows.

You could get better pillows at the dollar store! This pillow is also NOT cool like it is advertised to have a built in cooling effect. I followed all the directions before using it the first time. This is a terrible pillow and not worth more then 6.00, and with shipping it cost me 71.00!

Don't waste your money, the inventor, Michael J.

Lindell says this is the worlds best pillow, in fact it is the worse in my opinion. I bought this pillow because I suffer with virtigo, and I woke with a stiff neck and had a sleepless night on it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Monetary Loss: $71.

Location: Bowling Green, Kentucky

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a scammer,,,,,,bottom line


Does not work for me and I cannot get comfortable with this. I think they should have offered free returns if not satisfied instead of charging you when it does not do as advertised. I was disappointed.


My Pillow is sold in major stores like Walmart that do offer returns.


Bed Bath and Beyond sells this junk,why its beyond me.


I can't change the channel or station fast enough when I hear the narcissist Mike Lindel's voice. Bought 2 of his pillows because my wife wanted to try them.

Hardest pillow I have ever laid my head on. I hate the things. I throw the thing off the bed while thinking it is Mike with his lying face. Only pleasure I get from it.

Wish I could reach the stairs. Don't buy anything from this fake.

His advertising budget must be huge. Despise this man and his pillow.


Paying $140.00 for 2 pillows! It just goes to show you how gullible, insane and stupid most people are! For that price, they must be made with gold thread!


sucker born every second lmao


Mike -the crack-head


Absolutely right !!!!! This pillow, and I use the term loosely, is nothing like the false advertising claims espoused by Mike (the scam artist) Lindell.

I bought the 2 for one scam. It cost me over $140.00. Total junk ! I coould have bought the same thing at a local retailer that sells My Pillow for less than half of that price.

I'm a senior citizen on a small fixed income. Total rip off.


The pillows are customized to the user. You answer questions and they send you the appropriate pillow for your weight/height/sex, etc.

If you are not sure the pillow is for you, they will send you others to try.

I had 4 of their pillows at one point until I decided which was best. I didn't think I would like what looked like a lumpy pillow but I do now get a good nights sleep.


I bought one at the store and I love it. I used contour pillows for years due to my neck surgery.

I’m buying another one right now. I’ve had mine for over a year.

It does get hot, but I can live with that. No stiff neck here!


That has certainly not been my experience. I have had trouble sleeping over the past 20 years and I have actually been able to sleep for more than four hours since I bought this pillow. Maybe it has nothing to do with the "My Pillow", but if not, it sure is a coincidence.


Vertigo? Are you kidding me?

You thought the pillow would cure you? Are you on {{Redacted}} or something?


I guess this pillow works for some and not others. I do know that my wife had a terrible time trying to fall asleep until she bought this pillow.

Now she sleeps through the night without constantly getting up, and she has purchased two of the smaller pillows that she keeps with her on the sofa to make her more comfortable. She suffers with arthritis and says the pillows help support her shoulders and neck.

She wishes she had purchased them years ago, and has never had a better nights rest.


Really ?


All he going to do man is smoke it up ..don't buy dis *** y'all


Mike M. proved it's still just as easy to create a scam with a tangible product as it is with a service.

WTG Mike!!


I disagree that this product is poor in quality. Every night when I unscrew my head and lay it down on MY Pillow it closes its eyes for a good 6-7 hours sleep.

The next morning I screw it back on and am ready to go for another day.

It's psychedelic to me and to Mike L. as well.


I bought my first My Pillow probably 3 years ago and I still sleep with it every night I'm home and love it. Shortly after buying my first pillow I purchased a second one for our second home.

It is exactly like my first My Pillow--great! Then I decided to buy my daughter who lived, at the time, in New York. She got hers and hated it. I couldn't understand.

When I visited her about five months later and asked to see her My Pillow. It was a disaster. It was so under filled that it would be hard to call it a pillow.

She had had it for so long at that point that I didn't bother contacting their customer service. I'm thinking that their quality control is one of the main problems for many who complain about this same short coming.


Don't buy this pillow. It's lumpy.

And definitely NOT worth the so-called $99 or even $49.50 per pillow. Not rated for allergies. Made of a very cheap shreaded poly substance.

Don't fall for this! HUGE ripoff for a poor product.

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