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this pillow is ***! smaller and flatter then my 5 year old worn out pillows.

You could get better pillows at the dollar store! This pillow is also NOT cool like it is advertised to have a built in cooling effect. I followed all the directions before using it the first time. This is a terrible pillow and not worth more then 6.00, and with shipping it cost me 71.00!

Don't waste your money, the inventor, Michael J.

Lindell says this is the worlds best pillow, in fact it is the worse in my opinion. I bought this pillow because I suffer with virtigo, and I woke with a stiff neck and had a sleepless night on it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Monetary Loss: $71.

Location: Bowling Green, Kentucky

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Maybe he should change his patented fill to memory foam, instead of plain foam rubber that's used in car seats.


When a person says he is giving you a second pillow free you would think that if you paid the $60.00 for one you would get two of them.

Not so, the combined price for the second pillow is almost the same as the first; it will cost almost $100.00 for the two. Is that the second pillow free?


Pure unadulterated snake oil......in the form of a lame pillow. But.....psychologically it probably does trick some gullible souls into actually believing that they are getting better rest with it's use.

Let's call a spade a spade.....this Mike Lindell chap is indeed a scam artist who is getting richer by the day. But take solace in that karma will indeed get him in the end.


My Pillow is too a sham! Bogo via television is @$!#& $49.99 for pillow #1 HOWEVER the 2nd pillow and shipping....$60.00

So Lindell where is the FREE PILLOW?



I have issues with my spine and neck vertebrae, but theres no miracle pillows. I like to watch fox news alot and I am gagging on mike lindells style of of advertising his dumb pillow.

I guess i should be glad for remotes with mute buttons.

I trust that one day the my pillow commercial will at least change if not run out of time. They should hire Marie Osmond if they want a repetitious representative , at least she's easy to look at even though nutrisystem is also a scam


Bad customer service didn't get my name or address right cancelled my order.


My pillow is not the worst pillow I have tried, but not very good. I have much better pillows than the my pillow. Do not waste your money on this much over rated over advertised pillow


This man is a SCAMMER !!! ...Watch his hand in his comercial..his left hand is holding pillow to look firm ...

Buddy , I just got one thing to say. YOU WILL MEET YOUR MAKER !!!


All it is is torn up foam placed inside two pieces of cloth


Absolutely the worst experience ever. The best customer service they famous for, what a joke.

On hold for over an hour and then forced to leave a message which has yet to be returned more than an hour later. Don't wast your money on these people who obviously don't care about a customer.

I wish I could give them less than 1 star. And they delete comments from their FB page, totally terrible.


I haven't purchased Mike's Pillow, but his commercial barrage must be hauling in the fish by the dozens?

?Caveat emptor?


The taxi driver did get off his lazy *** in 2007 and built "Bitcoin" in 2008! A little more advanced and more challenging than the pillow...


This guy, his pillow and their TV host are scamming you! Big Time!

This guy scammed a taxi driver in early 2005 in phoenix,az, one sat mornin for the simple idea of making a different type of pillow. He was a major drug addict looking for an idea to make a lot a money to buy more of his next fix in 2005. He scammed his ex-wife and left her high and dry in the desert. The taxi driver came up with the pillow.

So he should know. His foundation for drug addicts is a scam also. No separate entity. After an hour of good internet investigation, youll see this guy as a liar and a scammer with a online rep.

He even lied to his second wife in 2010. All seen on the internet with a little looking. Only truthful point of this pillow is it is "made in america" in chatahassen,Minn. by his immediate family.

All the pillow is a good pillowcase with chopped up foam, adjusted for some comfort and sewed on the end. Make you own and save big bucks! Also the host on the commercial is a scammer too. She hacked on to the taxi drivers face-bk profile in 2010 looking for ideas into her new book in Texas on manifesting until she got caught.

She couldn't come honest when approached with the ***. Again don't waste your time buy a overpriced pillow that you easily make in your own and have better sleep!


I like love My Pillow. I am a physician and a chronic insomniac.

In the 8 weeks that I have been using My a Pillow I have had more great night's sleep the in the past 22 years.


Every night is good, but so much better then before. I have so many pillows, but this one has been miraculous for me.


To Anon Mar. 11, 2016,

You know making claims to be a "Physician" is a dishonest, disrespectful misrepresentation of your true profession.

It is also illegal.

You are not only a "Physician", you're also not in any medical profession period.

My Pillow is nothing but junk.


Totally Disagree


Stop saying the product doesn't work? Not only does this product not work and is actually a terrible product that I believe unethically, yet cleverly marketed has resulted in this man getting rich by scamming millions.

I truly believe that in this day and age that he most likely paid a private company to publish good reviews to keep some of his credibility.

Sadly, many companies do this, and I can't see any other way people have found this product helpful. If you have then that is wonderful for you, but don't tell those of us who find it useless and a waste of our money not to express our opinion.


And thats why ur anonymous lol smdh


Psst- You're ALSO ANONYMOUS. Do you shake your *** head to keep your troll hair nice and fluffed out?

Perhaps you're one of the paid personnel that this person astutely pointed out. All shady peddlers that make $ hand over fist on garbage, need to buy their positive reviews. Just look Google "My Pillow" in any phrase & the first five links are purchased by the company. That's always a red flag for intelligent shoppers.

I'd definitely dock you for horrific spelling and lack of sentence structure, not to mention that you didn't actually add anything of value to back the Lindell Snake Oil Empire. Your reply was not a rebuttal at all.

I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis in my spine, centered mostly in my neck. Pillows are a constant battle for me and I wanted to do some research after catching one of the ubiquitous commercials for My Pillow.

Their site has NO detailed specs on the pillow or what actually makes it effective. I was immediately suspicious of 0 pics of the inside of this thing. I just wanted to make sure that it wasn't the same chopped up memory foam pillow that I just bought at Costco for $9.99 in a two pack. So, I had to find a site like this, that wasn't spammed by Lindell bots for real info.

Looks like my Costco find was a better deal after all.

Bigger plus, I'll get to keep my sucker-free streak of not buying anything off of TV since the Nads hair removal goo in 1995.


Really bud? The wrong pillow case causes this product to suck?

That is such a weak defense of a product that has been marketed as life changing. I used the proper pillow case and this pillow does indeed get hot, and most definitely does not cool in any form.

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