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this pillow is ***! smaller and flatter then my 5 year old worn out pillows.

You could get better pillows at the dollar store! This pillow is also NOT cool like it is advertised to have a built in cooling effect. I followed all the directions before using it the first time. This is a terrible pillow and not worth more then 6.00, and with shipping it cost me 71.00!

Don't waste your money, the inventor, Michael J.

Lindell says this is the worlds best pillow, in fact it is the worse in my opinion. I bought this pillow because I suffer with virtigo, and I woke with a stiff neck and had a sleepless night on it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Monetary Loss: $71.

Location: Bowling Green, Kentucky

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I am happy that you have been able to find some comfort and value in this product. I do believe that your benefit is most likely 90% mental, but regardless, if you are sleeping better then more power to you.

For me, this pillow is nothing more than a scam preying on desperate people that are searching for answers and tired of routinely getting 2 or less hours of sleep per night. I cannot stress enough that the pillow just wasn't "not as good as advertised ", but it was terrible.

The "my pillow" instantly became the worst pillow in my home once I threw away my money to purchase it. I am very disappointed and thought I was a more sensible person, but just like so many others, I fell for the hype of this enthusiastic, happy, and slick *** artist.


Pardon me, but since you insisted on bashing the previous poster regarding his use of proper grammar, which I find quite childish and awfully pompous, maybe you should check your own grammar chief. I didn't disect your whole post at all.

I just read it, and while I was thinking about how rude you were, I noticed that the very last sentence uses incorrect grammar.

I didn't re-read the rest, but I'm fairly sure there are grammatical errors throughout. This is pretty ironic considering you made your error (s) while bashing someone else.


Why don't you shut up. You are ***.


Agree 100%. This joker was able to get rich by preying on my inability to sleep.

He saw a vertical market where people are desperate to get something to help them sleep and "feel" better and he pounced. He oozes sleaziness when he speaks so I should have known..dirty


These two MUST have bought the wrong pillow, they must have bought the "My Bambillo" which is not the "My Pillow". The "My Bambillo" is ***!

and you can't wash it like the "My Pillow" which in my opinion, while using it is by far the greatest pillow I have compared to a lot of pillows I have tried.

So I Think that these two people did not follow the instructions properly and thoroughly as I have done because they abused the product! Stop putting it down you liars!






I bought a pair of My Pillows.

Sending back is a hassle , total scam.

Non stop marketing is the only reason they exist this long. Avoid....


My pillow has been the best I have ever slept on contrary to the complaints below. I have been on mine for 3 years now and have Systemic Lupus and some other major health issues.

This has helped me go from waking up 2 - 3 hours every night for years and not being able to get out of bed for 12 hours plus to not being able to work and hold down a job. Now I sleep 6 plus hours a night and get up before my alarm goes off. Just because it didn't work for you, does not mean it won't work for others. Also, you need to give your body time to adjust to the pillow.

It can take up to several weeks. It did not take you a few nights to get in the shape you're in with a bad pillow. It took time. Now those neck muscles have to heal.

I am former military and Corpsman so I do know a little about what I am talking about. The material conforms to your neck and the cooling of the pillow (if you are using the 100% cotton like is recommended) heals your cervical nerves. This helps with the body healing and with keeping you in alignment. Also, for the guy who said your idea was stolen...seems fishy to me.

If you have an idea and you don't run with it and are too lazy to invent what he has, then you have no business to the money or idea. You are just a lazy person who wants credit for the hard work someone else has put into it. The company also has an A+ BBB rating and has been around now for years. Time tells!!!

No product out there is 100% for everyone and I believe that is why the company gives you a 60 money back guarantee. Plus a pillow that will last 10 years; try making your Wal-mart Pillow last 10 years. You wash them once and have to throw them away. You get what you pay for!

I don't know about you but paying for .50 on my foam will not give me any support. Even if you pay $5 for 2 Wal-Mart pillows in one year and have to buy 20 in a ten year period, you do the math; you now just spent way over that amount! And one night's sleep on it? Wow, there was an attempt to make it work there!!!

Talking about not giving something a chance!

At least know what you're talking about before trash talking it.



Where to start. No, this is not a "chiropractic" pillow, LOL.

No, a pillow stuffed with chopped polyethylene foam will not "cool" you. No, cooling will NOT heal damaged spinal nerves.

A BBB rating is simply a view of how the company handles complaints and has nothing to do with the quality of the product or the voracity of the company claims.

Finally, even though you may have been a Corpsman, no, you don't know a little of what your talking about. You might leave the medical opinions to those of us with actual medical degrees.



Mike j. lindell is not the sole inventor!

This guy is a major liar. He did not get the idea in his sleep. In 2004, he got the info to make a item that could make money from a taxi driver in phoenix,az on his way to pick up his crack fix. The taxi driver is a sober driver.

The driver talked of a out of the box idea like a simple pillow to make that could make money. The idea, marketing plan, build plan, and the trademark name. His wife at the time was angry at me for giving him a idea like a pillow. He took the equity out of their house to patent my info.

They have since divorced. We had a 5% handshake deal. I have called several times and he runs. He put his co-worker on my facebook page in 2009.

I found out recently in 2014. Thinking of contacting authorities. His co-worker published a book name "manifesting prosperity". Only thing they are manifesting is idea stealing..

If you spend 2 hours looking up his history on google you will find a major liar talking today.

Karma equals health mike j. lindell


If you're going to contact the authorities, try using better grammar than you have in this post. If you made it past 3rd grade, you would know that it's AN item.

Not "a" item.

And that wasn't just a typo, because you did it again with "a" out of the box idea and "a" idea. Your whole story loses all credibility when you don't have a grasp of your on language.


No you don't.


Chill out, dude.






You should talk .."of your on language".

Typo or not, you should've been a little more careful with your own grammar if you are going to insult someone !


What "A" *** !!!!!...Proper grammer ????....What a *** remark !!!...Fruitcake


Grammar and spelling are not indicative of intelligence levels. While Taxi Driver may have had a couple of grammar errors in his post (or quite possibly a faulty 'n' key on his computer), at least he's not a rude, ignorant buffoon as you appear to be.


My pillow is the worst pillow i ever bought and it costed alot of money I can't even move my neck when I get up in the morning read comments before you buy this pillow It is a very bad pillow. I just don't know how they can advertise false things like this on T.V.


I agree this pillow sucks!!! Was suppose to keep you cool doesn't do that!!

I bought because I get hot flashes and the pillow gets hot, have to keep turning it.

This is the worse pillow, they should be ashamed to charge an outrageous amount for it. Seems like everything on television doesn't work.

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