This guy is the biggest scam artist, nothing they claim is true...it does not stay cool, it is not patented, it is made up cut up pieces of foam, that's why you can buy it so cheap...and this guy uses the catholic church and god to sell all those mid american's who see his cross purposely hanging out of his pajama's to give the illusion he is an honest christian...this guy is going straight to ***, no wonder he is from Minnesota, has anyone ever met anyone honest from Minnesota? Any store selling this would be ashamed of themselves and have no clue.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $69.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I'm in production of plush toys. I know the cost to make these pillows and it is a tiny fraction of what these scam artists charge.

It is cheap fabric filled with cut up pieces of cheap foam.

These pillows should sell for about $5 retail. If you buy this pillow, you are a sucker.


The only honest Minnesotans that I know of are Mary Richards and Rhoda Morgenstern. Although Rhoda is from the Bronx, New York. She moved to Minniapolis, where it's cold, and she figured she'd "keep better" there.


ANYTHING that advertises on an infomercial is a swindle and a scam. NO EXCEPTIONS.


I got a Package with two MY Pillows in it. I did not order the address they came is from a street down the road from where I live.

Is this a bad thing? I live in RI.


Many people are saying the my pillows give you syphilis in the ear.


Scam - buy one pillow & get one free This is my checkout. Subtotal $159.96 Discount -$45.70 Tax $10.57 Order Total$124.83


I found your information helpful and interesting up until your comments about people from Minnesota, that's when I realized your an ***.


If you learned how to spell the word "you're" you might be able to get some respect


She was correct, she said your and she meant your, she did not mean to say you are, so you're is incorrect


Please capitalize God.


God really cares about capitalization of proper nouns. That's the real reason He sent the flood!


She doesn’t care if you write god. She is a loving god and does not fuss over these things.


What god?


The atheists creed; There is no god or gods. There are no angels.

Miracles don't happen.

There is no heaven or *** There is no afterlife. The only world we'll ever know is life in the here and now.


Just saw the owner being interviewed on Channel 4. He talked politics--how much he liked and agreed with the president and his agenda and how Moochie was so good to him when they met at the convention.

He said he was "too busy" this past week to hear the profanity-laced interview Moochie gave. Isn't amazing when he didn't want to admit how gross his friend is, he made up an excuse about not knowing about it.

What a lie. No more My Pillows in my house.


"has anyone ever met anyone honest from Minnesota?:

YES! Many!

And, no, I am not from Minnesota!

That comment negates any value of your post. Talk about MY PILLOW and the "inventor", but don't trash a state full of people.


It does not negate any value of his previous comments. Just because you don't like his rude tone and statement that very well may be true if he personally has never met an honest person from Minnesota.

Maybe he's never even met a person from Minnesota there for his statement would be true.I guess because you don't like his time or his additional statements has nothing to do with whether or not the other part of his comments may or may not be accurate, or they may be for him.That's how reviews work.

You throw out the best and throw out the worst and read through the middle to get an idea of what the products really like.Everyone can take their opinions, attitudes, and Corrections and desired behavior of others... And stick it.


"that's why you can buy it so cheap" theyre anything but cheap

cheap????????? i bought a great pillow for $9


May i ask where you got your pillow and what kind is it? My perfect pillow is a demon pillow from ***.

Every morning i wake up no matter how i sleep i'm bound to have a headache or stiff neck. My husband can sleep on any pillow and when he gave it back to me with the same issues we joined forces by naming it the demon pillow!

If anyone is wanting to buy a great pillow this is not the pillow for you. This pillow is going on our next bondfire.

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