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I'm in bed 24x'7, I am 71,and been in bed since 2003,okay ? I hurt my back on March,Surgery 7-15-2003.

Surgery went wrong,lots of nerve damage. The doc that was to do the surgery,well,he was "training this other to do back surgery anyhow,wow,here it is 2017,where has my live gone. Trust me, I know my pillows. I bought one at Walmart,there was on!y two.

All you need to do is put more stuffing in your pillows. I was raised up on the Oregon/Calif. Line, we had a lot of birds and a pillow plant in Tulelake,Calif. Ppl brought thier birds in to be c!wanted and shipped out to L.A.

I had a goose down pillow my who!e life, I loved it,just as comfy as this one from y'all. That's the problem with y'all's pillow,needs a little more stuffing put into it. Trust me, I have all kinds, I bought a Serta pillow,had a blow out the very first,not kidding. The whole end of my beautiful Serta pi!low,split open,a blow out.

It went flat. I have tried everything,even putting the Serta under my pillow,still feel the hard pillow!ow through my pillow? I love it,all you need is more stuffing and it will be perfect. I have a C-SPAN machine and in quit breathing instances from 54.8 and hour( that's when you totally quit breathing,ur not going to believe what I'm going to say next,my instaces per hour now are 0.8 to 0.0..

that is great,every time I get out of bed at night, I come back and shake my pillow good,grab my bone shaped pillow,and lay down and poof it goes flat. So,this coming pay day I and going to order the buy one get one free. Again, I dearly love "My Pillow" but, I would like more stuffing in my two pillows, plz,I'll be ordering the standard/quuen size pillow around the 15th. Okie dokie.

You should have let me be a pillow tester,lol,well,since I'm in bed all the time. My email address is : Oh,those goose down pillow ? They had to have more feathers put into them too, ( Tulelake Pillow Packing Company) something like that.they would get hard and I fluffed them too,when they got to hard, a pair of clean tennis shoes and a couple fabric sheets,on low heat.

I lost them when I was moved, don't know who did what with them, I lost my hubby,our home and our car,but,God needed hubby he was a good carpenter, and the rest was material things, can't take it with me..aha, "" I Can"" take "My Pillows with me,yup ! Right under my head.

This isn't a complaint, it's a "FYI" Okay,God b!ess all of you,you all do a terrific job on the pillows,just double the stuffing. Blessings,Mary aka Okie Mare

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Santa Clarita, California, United States #1352034

Bless you for taking the time to help others with your comments, insight, and recommendations.

to Michael Sherman, Texas, United States #1352358

I bought mine from. Wal Mart for 47-48 $$ don't know if that makes a difference or not ?

Just wanted them to know how to make a better Pillow, I wish I could afford the pillows from my home town,Tulelake,Calif. These pillows would be just as good if more stuffing were to be added into the m, about half of the stuffing that's already in there,when you can "feel" the front material touching the " back" material, it's just to thin.. My grandmother's' pillows.

Wow,fantastic ..good luck to y'all and God bless. Mary aka Okie


Will it help if yo woman *** alot.?

to Anonymous Sherman, Texas, United States #1352360

It might be better with more stuffing for ur. Gf, I am a Christian.

Make remainder comments,"* CLEANER*", I WOULD APPRECIATE THAT. Thanks,God Bless..Mary aka Okie Mare "**"

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