before my pillow had the BOGO, their website had the prices for the pillows at $49.95 (queen) to $59.95 (king) each.

Then when they went to the BOGO sale they doubled the price. They deny this but at Bed,Bath and Beyond, the

Queen size is advertised for $59.95 less their usual 20 percent off.

Even though My Pillow tells me their originals have a few more additions, how could that double the price and then pay for shipping. You would think ordering direct from the manufacture would be way less.

What a RIP-OFF. I am trying to get in touch with the Imus Show to get the facts straight.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #1211215

I have used them for 8 years. I am now switching because of this price increase and BOGO scam. Shame on you Mike Lindell.


I was prepared to purchase two mypillows with bogo, UNTILL I see they've doubled the Flippin price!! No way.

Ripp Off Inc. I say.


I totally agree that My Pillow's BOGO promotion is false advertising. I emailed the company to complain, quoting Bed Bath and Beyonds pricing, and was ingnored. Not even a "we will look into it" reply.


Every other website offering "MyPillow", dose so at 49.97$. Seems to me that MyPillow increased their price to sell to other websites at a "Wholesale" rate, without having to lower the retail price.

Then offer the BOGO to keep up sales without reducing their monetary intake. I am not buying it.

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