have already paid for two my pillows, over one hundred twenty dollars, and they were both terrible..one regular and one diamond (right) style....gave to my grandchildren and didn't sent back, big mistake, I then went to my pillow and bought one of the smaller ones for petite people, which you cannot find anywhere else...thought that might help...it is THE WORST OF THE LOT...all lumps and I have put in dryer twice and finally washed and put in dryer as told...HORRIBLE, NOT A SINGLE BIT OF DIFFERENCE..ALL LUMPS ARE TO ONE SIDE AND REALLY DISGUSTING....now I will probably have to send back and PAY to send back this pathetic pillow that is not normal, since the lumps won't even stay evenly distributed..it is DEFECTIVE, WHAT ELSE CAN I BELIEVE....and to send back you have to get an authorization code from them or it won't be accepted....what the heck does this man think he has...and please tell me, he says he sent pillows to the military....I have four young relatives in three different branches of the military right now, asked them about THEIR my pillows...they never heard of them....asked many of their fellow men and no one has ever heard of a 'my pillow'...does he have anything to back up his claims ?????

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Louisville, Kentucky, United States #927439

I'm so glad I read reviews before my purchase .... I was about to purchase one for everyone in my household...

What a extreme loss that would have been. Thank you for posting your reviews to prevent any more buyers from putting more money in their pockets.


If you were not satisfied with the 2 you first bought. Why buy another one????

That is not very bright. I have one and it works fine for me. If you really want your money back, I would think you would stop this *** and call the company and insist on getting your money back. These pillows are not cheap.

Neither are memory foam pillows they cost even more and they really don't work. Like sleeping on rocks.

to jp #925280


You are a ***/***. You can't know the whole story based on a paragraph.

I can't stand people like you, who feel they need to berate others because they had experiences contrary to your own. This product is, now, inferior. They, obviously, changed their manufacturing process and materials. Unfortunately, there are companies who do this after an initial launch grants them success.

Sometimes, it is due to the company being sold to a larger corporation.

Other times, it is due to pure greed.

If you feel the need to attack anyone else, JP, educate yourself til you undoubtedly know the facts.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #923141

I have had the worst experience with these *** pillows.. They made my neck and back hurt worse so I did get my authorization code and sent them overnight FEDEX and do you think I got a refund.????

NO, you cant get anyone from customer service to answer the phone and when it ask you to leave a message so someone can call you back no one has returned my 5 messages in 3 weeks. This company is HORRIBLE.

I am now going to file a lawsuit. What a pain in the A**!!!

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