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I hope this review helps anyone still on the fence about trying My Pillow...I CAN'T STRESS THIS ENOUGH...Do NOT buy into their false claims of "The Most Comfortable Pillow You'll Own" or (I LOVE this one) "The Best Night Sleep Of Your Life!!" ...NO!! and NO!!

Not True and guess what else is Not True - their 100% Money Back Guarantee. 12/14/17 I paid $199.91 for 4 Pillows (2 BOGO's) For Christmas - Hated them - Cheep, Lumpy, just... NO! I Called, got the RMA # from Cust.

Svc. - I was aware I would have to pay the return shipping but I was offered a prepaid return label in the amount of $9.98 - ok, fine...it would be deducted from my refund amount - waited for my refund - got the refund on 1/14/18 for $169.98 - ahhh - less than expected - so I called Cust. Svc. and their explanation was that I had to cover the cost of the return AND the original shipping cost of $19.95 WHAT!!

They did NOT tell me this when I called for the RMA and better yet...Where is that written on their website?? What A Scam!!! I guess they were hoping I wouldn't realize the $19.95 difference on my credit card statement...Is this how you manage to stay in business Mike??

- By Scamming people??? If you don't believe me or the other reviews, and still want to try these things - do yourself a favor and go to Bed Bath & beyond...Do NOT buy them on the MyPillow website - this way you will get 100% of your money back

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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I’ll give you one better. If you’re stupid enough to buy their mattress topper which will NOT stay on the bed.

The straps do not hold the mattress in place When you call for the 100% refund as you stated you do get less but this is the kicker. They don’t want you to send it back.

You have to donate the topper to a non profit, get a receipt and mail it in. Good luck trying to get a non profit or anaimal shelter to take a mattress FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD


It is the absolute worst pillow that I have ever owned. It hurts my neck. The theory (what they show you in the infomercial) is an absolute farce.


Yes they do suck and it does cost that mich to return them im so mad ill NEVER BUY again from them and i will tell everyone NOT TO!!!!!!


It's my eighth business day after mailing the pillows back & wow I think out of all of the companies I've ever mailed in a return to... this one takes the longest.

It only took one week for me to receive the pillow. Unbelievable!


I absolutely agree I'm going through the same thing now terrible terrible pillows no different than the ones I buy from Walmart and yes it cost me $20 to try them I should have ordered from Amazon and would have had free return or QVC


I agree...worse sleeping pillows ever purchased.


My sister hated her pillows too

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