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Bought a My Pillow for myself. I loved it and bought another for my husband.

It cost $50.00 at my local Walmart. I washed and dried it as recommended and am very displeased. My neck aches are back. I slept on my husband's unwashed pillow and no problems.

Wondered if this is a problem anyone else has encountered? Still loved my original before washing.

I want a new one but do not see any promotion codes on the website and prices are conflicting. Thanks for any opinions.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Reason of review: My pillow did not retain it's original condition after laundering as recommended and advertised. Loved it before but very uncomfortable after..

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

MyPillow Pros: Comfort until laundering.

MyPillow Cons: Very uncomfortable after laundering as recomended.

  • Washed Poorly
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When you wash them, it takes FOREVER to get the chemical smell. Also drying it takes hours!!!!

I have to dry it 4-5 high heat 69 minutes each and it is still damp.

Love the pillow but the smell after washing is BAD and the dry time is ridiculous. I thought it was my dryer at first so took it to a laundromat in a large dryer and it still wouldn’t dry it.


I cannot seem to get mine dry!! I’ve put it through 4 times now- high heat over an hour each time. F@&#ing ridiculous!!


Have three MyPillows, loved them until I tried to wash one. When wet it weighs a ton and threw my machine balance off.

WOULD NOT spin at all, wound up trying to wring it out. After eight drying cycles over three days it’s still not dry. It’s in the dryer as I write this. I’ve spent more in electricity trying to dry the damn thing than it’s worth.

My advice?

If you like the pillow, use it until you can’t stand it, throw it out and go buy a new one. Less aggravation.


No idea what the chemical smell is. No smell with mine.

I figured out when drying the pillow to throw in a dry bath towel when it is still damp.

Mine dried completely. Very happy with the way mine washed and dried.


Same problem as others. I bought two pillows from MyPillow brand.

I have washed one as directed and it now has a chemical smell. It appears washing it releases something in the foam filling that causes this smell. What kind of material are they using in the pillow?

Now I can’t use it. I don’t want to wash the other one now because of this issue.


My pillow smelled after washing had to throw away but love it before bought another one but will not wash


I will not wash mine


Yes! Same happened to me SteepWhen!


Pay attention to the commercials.....they’re not washable, they’re “warshable”!


I just tried washing one of My Pillows (One). In a front loading washer, cannot get to spin the pillow: removed pillow and rang out water - still will not spin in washer. Waste of time to wash.


I had the same problem.....had to wring out yhe pillow after washing...is retained too much water!


I had planned to wash my my pillow now I hesitate. Come on there must be others out there with same problem or is it just this person.


My husband and I got them for Christmas. I just washed and dried them last night and now they smell like bleach. Has this happened to anyone else?


YES! I was just googling to see if this was a common thing or not??

Both my wife and my pillows were washed with absolutely zero bleach , but now they smell horribly strong of bleach!.. :-( Very strange..

We really LIKE our pillows too, besides this new issue we encountered.. Wonder WHAT is causing it to do that??????


Yes!! I can’t stand it.

I never used bleach on it, and I haven’t even used bleach in my washer for months and months. I hardly ever use it.

This pillow was great until I washed it. Ugh!


To date, I loved the MyPillow.... then we attempted to wash it.

The washer refused to spin the water out. I thought I would balance the load and add the 2nd one to no avail. Not sure if it is the pillow or the washer; however, the washer ran fine with normal laundry loads.

My washer is a front load Whirlpool and other than the issues with the pillows, it runs fine. Anyone else have similar issues?


Hi, had the same problem with my pillow, water wouldn't spin out , tried my front load washer tried to get as much water out as possible, then took it to the laundry mat and ended up throwing my pillow out, feeling pissed , went to Target and bought a new pillow.


YES!!!!!!!!!!!! I had the same problem, Thought my top loader was gonna lose it's basket!!!!!!!!!.

There is nothing on the care label that says "balance" with another pillow or towels. I had to search online to find out about that. It took a day and a half to dry, some dryer, some just sit out. AND, once completely dry?

It's not as supportive as before washing. WTF!!!!!!!.

I'm gonna call and ask for my money back!!!!!!!! Bought it in 2012, before Lindell was a multi-millionaire.


Mine is not the same after W&D , it’s lumpy, hard to find a comfy stop to get settle into.but once you do it’s wonderful


Mine is giving me a headache after washing and drying due to a chemical odor. Thought I was the only one until reading comments from others. Liked the pillow but will not wash if I get another one.

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