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Bought a My Pillow for myself. I loved it and bought another for my husband.

It cost $50.00 at my local Walmart. I washed and dried it as recommended and am very displeased. My neck aches are back. I slept on my husband's unwashed pillow and no problems.

Wondered if this is a problem anyone else has encountered? Still loved my original before washing.

I want a new one but do not see any promotion codes on the website and prices are conflicting. Thanks for any opinions.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Reason of review: My pillow did not retain it's original condition after laundering as recommended and advertised. Loved it before but very uncomfortable after..

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

MyPillow Pros: Comfort until laundering.

MyPillow Cons: Very uncomfortable after laundering as recomended.

  • Washed Poorly
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I never had any problems after washing/drying!


After washing and drying "My Pillow" I noticed an chemical like odor.. Could it have been the heat from the drying that bought out somel odors from the fill?


Me too...someone please reply!


Yes! Smells horrible.

I bought 4 and washed them all the same

Day. They all smell.


Mine smells like chemicals, after the first wash.We had to put them outside we were feeling sick, and I was getting a headache from the stench. I am calling customer service.


I had the same..it has to be the filling. Many brands DONOT call for the fill to be washed..they have a removable cover..I stopped using the pillow having potential health concerns..now looking for an all natural fill i.e. untreated cotton


Washed my pillows quite a few

times. Came out beautiful.


We washed the pillow yesterday and had a big problem with the amount of water left in the pillow. My wife took the pillowinserts.com the walk in shower and pressed all of the extra water out.

We tried putting it in the dryer, but it didn't work. There was a lot of standing water in the dryer. We are letting it air dry.

What is the problem? We used a front loader.JohnColumbus, Oh


I just washed my pillow this morning and I have the same exact problem! I had to wring it out before putting in the dryer and it had been in there for 3 cycles and still not dry and puddles in the dryer.


Same problem...spinning it again...not happy!


Got 2 my pillows a month ago. Ordered from the factory.

I love them & so does my husband. Just ordered 2 more for my daughter & SIL. My friend bought hers locally at a store & had problems after laundering. I don't know if that's the problem or not.

I got pillow covers to protect pillows & will wash the covers. So far these have been worth every penny we spent on them.


I have washed both of mine 3 or 4 times and going to do so again today...came out perfect so not sure maybe you got a counterfit MY Pillow


I washed my pillow and it came out all yellow. It was trouble. What should i do?


Thrilled to buy them (about $200 after all the specials I heard about). They are lumpy and barely usable and not comfortable.


I didn't have issues with the comfort after laundering, but the pillow fill became discolored. The entire thing had an orange tint to it and stained the casing in some places.

I was told it would return to normal if completely dry but that was not the case.

Fortunately I was able to exchange them at Bed Bath and Beyond. I'd be afraid to ever try laundering them again.


I take a damp/wet microfiber cloth and dryer sheet toss it into the dryer with my pillow. After reading reviews I'm too afraid to wash.


I had same issue after washing My Pillow. I sent in complaint but never received response.


That happen to me too wonder what the problem is


I have the same problem. I think the fabric covering the pillow shrank just enough to make it too thick.

Still more comfortable than other pillows. I'm thinking of opening a seam and taking some of the filling out to make it less puffy. Will use safety pins to reclose until I "get it right".

Will comment back if it works.


Taking out some of the filling worked. I took out enough to fill a gallon food storage zipper bag. No more neck pain.