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The contacts are varied. I suspect they at my pillow are trying to hide something.

For one thing, why do the y have multiple phone numbers and promo codes when normally a manufacturer has only ONE phone number and one promo code. Is this suspicious? And the matress is not mentioned on the pillow commercial but is only mentioned when you call the number. And per a contact at the VA, she checked on Amazon and actually bought a pillow that she can't use since it does NOT work and also the price you ask them is $99 but she got the price of $49 at Amazon pricing.

So the 2 for one sale is a fraud and the costs I cannot find on any of my pillow websites. The matresess scam is one that the matress is selling at $799 for regular size but the persons answering the phones said they are on a 4th of July sale and knocked off $100. Now the pillows on the add are still two, buy one, get one free, but still at $99? No way.

I think this ought to be reported to the FCC for false advertising on the TV and on their website. Check it out.

And so many issues that cause so many review issues? Something is very wrong!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Commercial.

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