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I don't contact them except to tell their operators why I am not happy. It is the mo of their advertising.

The guy is to me a high pressure salesperson and that is my first caution in dealing with sales people. Too much high tone. Plus what ever else I know I will find that is not favorable. I question why does he have a number of toll free numbers to call for ordering?

And plus that each one has a different code. It is much overdone. Other people advertise but it is always the same tv code. But that made me wonder.

I am certain that this pillow he is selling is not what he makes it out to be. His approach is indicative of that with the oversell, hype, and loud tone, like some used car sales persons. Another thing was that it only has two star rating out of five star ratings. That is NOT good.


I also pay close attention to that. I mute my tv each time that ad comes on.

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I have 4 med and 2 kings and they are fantastic I have neck issues and now I can sleep with no pain..

I will keep buying this great product.

Centerville, Massachusetts, United States #1346156

this is the worst excuse for a pillow I've ever seen. This is a piece of *** the maker on the commercial is nothing but a liar should all take a class action lawsuit against them since the customer service won't respond

Omaha, Nebraska, United States #1342095

First off. to all those complaining...

Everyone NEEDS to do their OWN homework before listening to anyone whether it's television or in person... Those that JUMP into buying 'thinking' the salesman is honest is ONLY setting themselves up for a HUGE disappointment. Before I ORDER anything, I go on line to see 'if' there is any COMPLAINTS about the product I am interested in. Then sometimes, I go a 'step' further (BEFORE BUYING) I call their customer service number "PRETENDING" I bought their product and now I want my refund.

When doing this, some representatives get VERY angry and nasty.. The customer service representative even WILL tell me off... I then start laughing at them.. I tell THEM "I am 'FAKING' I NEVER purchased your product..." I tell them I am TESTING them out...

Everyone reading my message here; try what I DO FIRST!! before YOU go sending money... I ALWAYS thoroughly check a company before believing what I here... The 'OLE' saying go's, "Believe NOTHING of what YOU hear, and believe 1/2 of what YOU SEE.." This is an 'OLE' saying back in the mid 1930's...

How SO TRUE.. So people PLEASE instead of beating yourself for your mistakes; take your mistake as a LIFE-TIME learning tool... Will YOU believe another businessman?? OR WILL YOU go and do another mistake??

Listens are to be learned, not to be made over again... be smart! AND be WISE... GOD GAVE Us ALL WISDOM..


Amen! sam

Seattle, Washington, United States #1338897

I knew this mypillow might be a scam and I was right. I did an internet search and found more than a few unhappy, unwary buyers that were grossly overcharged for an inferior product.

Why do these people insist on re-inventing the wheel? I found a $15 extra firm pillow the best I've ever bought and does everything the mypillow claim says, and doesn't do everything they say ordinary pillows do. The regular pillow I bought for $15 is the same in the morning as the night before; doesn't go flat, holds its shape all night long and never leaves anything going numb.

The Mypillow is a scam for the owner to get rich so he doesn't have to work. Forget it!

to Johnny Omaha, Nebraska, United States #1342099

Love what YOU said. Johnny!!

Sounds like YOU are a SMART, but WISE person... People should 'think' before they jump into buying.. Johnny, it sounds LIKE YOU think, like I DO...

Hope someone follows OUR examples...

Just to think, You and I are giving here FREE helpful advice... Should 'we' ask for Royalties for OUR BRILLIANCE??!! Ha! just joking...

You have a GOOD message here... People just NEED HELP!!!

Or they WILL CONTINUE doing the same thing 'ONLY' to get the same results... Sam

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