update: I have used MYPILLOW now for a month, and still HATE IT. It is underfilled, small and does not stay cool as is advertised.

You could buy a better pillow at the dollar store! It does not have the *feel* of a new pillow; it is as flat as the old ones I was replacing. Don't waste the money like I did.

I didn't want to waste more money by sending it back and the hassle to find something to ship it in, as it comes rolled up in a plastic bag. it's not worth the price

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #594427

Dear MyPillow Customer,

MyPillow, Inc offers a 60 day comfort guarantee on their MyPillow Premium pillows. MyPillow premium offers 5 different levels of support for a custom fit, a 60 day comfort guarantee and a 10 year limited manufacturers warranty. All MyPillow, Inc pillows are proudly made in the U.S. A. We are sorry to hear that you did not take the time to rectify your situation with MyPillow, Inc.



to MyPillow #1410806

I bought a m y pillow for a Xmas gift for my daughter in law and she did not like it ,said it was too hard I bouight it in Canada at a store in the mall . how do I return it as they say thaey cant take it back for sanitary reasons.

if this is true then I guess I will have to put your guarantee on facebook as not true and believe me a lot of people will hear about it. If I can return and get my money back would be happy. I don't have the receipt but have all the original packaging.

let me know if we can resolve this problem thank you. Barb Doncaster barb.d@sympatico.ca I payed for this by my debit card so if you need proof I can supply the debit card info

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