I have a My Pillow and have had it for a few years now but have always had to turn it and fluff it. When I received it, I was surprised at how lumpy it was because it is basically cut up pieces of foam rubber. Anyway, my husband and I use several pillows on our bed and our "down feather" pillows need to be replaced so when I saw the very enticing advertisement where My Pillow was offering "Buy One Get One", I thought I would give them a try one more time, so I went to their website to order and they basically have doubled their price so they can offer that special. Then I saw the little fine print where it says they will also bill your card for more pillows that they will be sending you in the future but you can return them if you decide to!!! OH and by the way... they offer a bad return policy as they deduct about $15.00 per pillow to pay for shipping. That is CRAZY! I am putting my credit card away! Ridiculous company! I can't understand how they are not being reported with FRAUD!
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It’s not made of rubber moron


I thought it was only me that found this pillow lumpy but apparently not. I just hate this awful pillow and never use it.

When I called their main office I was shocked by the price and there was no mention of any other free pillow.

What a con. I can't imagine how they are still in business.


Just wanted to say if you have a decent feather pillow you can wash them and they take a while to dry but they come out like new! Just like when you bought them!

At least mine do!

I always thought the my pillow was a scam. Seriously how can a bunch of cut up foam support your neck!


Wow! I had card ready and was on the website to respond to the My Pillow 4 pack special advertised in the AARP magazine.

I could not find the advertised special anywhere then started reading the reviews.

Thanks so much everyone for taking the time to share your experiences! I won't waste my money!


Thanks for the reviews. I will not be buying any. Totally changed my mind


I certainly appreciate all of you taking the time to write reviews of warning about the MyPillow products. I was just about to order the buy one/get one free arrangement, but now that I've read all the reviews, I'm absolutely not going to go any further. Thank you for saving me what sounds like a great deal of hassle and frustration!


I was just about to order BOGO, but have certainly changed my mind after reading the comments.


Almost went to buy as well until I read all the details. Also the buy one get one free is bull.

You can buy a single pillow on there web site for 59.99.

Or u can do the buy one get one free for 99.99. Yes that a 20$ discount but thay dosent look like buy one get one free.


I hate the "My Pillow". Just cut up foam which you can find in a cheap version.

This material is not going to conform to your likes.

It gave me a stiff neck. If you are going to spend that kind of money try a "Hotel Pillow" found on the internet


I always check reviews before purchasing any product that is highly advertised. I will not be purchasing this pillow after reading the reviews. However I suggest that everyone who has had a problem with this company should file a complaint with your respective state attorney general and the attorney general where the company is located.

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