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I would never buy my pillow just because the commercial is on constantly and it is SO annoying that I switch channels to avoid listening to it!!

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New York, New York, United States #1263264

I was scammed by the awesome auger ad years ago. I got in touch with Attorney General of NY, Cuomo, at the time.

His office sent the name of a rep to contact and when the crooks heard who was helping me they sent a total refund including the "shipping and handling" charges which were part of the scam.

The auger cost was the usual $19.95 and the shipping and handling brought it to over $100. Everyone should report this guy to the Attorney general in his state and get the ball rolling for a class action suit.

Tucson, Arizona, United States #1262785

I know what you mean.

There used to be this cleaning commercial and whenever the guy came on in the commercial, I would casually say"oh,drop dead".

Would you believe, he actually did?

Be careful not to get yourself in the same predicament over annoying commercials.

It haunted me for a long time.

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