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This is not a review, as I don't own this product. I didn't buy one BECAUSE of what I saw on the commercials and on the half-hour late-night infomercials.

The claims and the animated graphics just seemed wildly unfounded, and I said to myself, "That's nothing more than an ordinary, ten-dollar foam rubber pillow." What I don't understand is why a consumer would be required to wash the pillow before it's used for the first time. Why aren't they washed at the manufacturing facility, like any other, less expensive pillows? As an engineer and the holder of several patents, I also don't understand how the "inventor" of this product was awarded a patent for chopping the fill material into three different sizes; it doesn't require a dedicated process, and it can be done with equipment readily available to anyone who cares to purchase it (all that's needed are three rotating spiked drums and a conveyer belt). As for the "scientific support measurement," I'm not seeing any actual science here.

The animated graphics which purportedly support these claims are, I suppose, impressive to the layman, but they do not, in any manner, prove anything. I can hire a graphic illustrator to make a video showing people how they can put a tornado into a Mason jar, and then release it later as a means of mowing their lawns. I could make another one demonstrating the health benefits of drinking molten lava aimed at men with prostate issues. These concepts are ridiculous, of course.

However, by utilizing a constant, nationwide late-night advertising campaign, I'm equally certain that either or both of these ludicrous ideas would garner several thousand orders from people who simply WANT to beleive my false claims were true, especially if I included a few key words like "guaranteed," "full refund" and "ten-year warranty." Toss in a few testimonials from out-of-work actors playing "satisfied customers" and I'd be a millionaire in no time. Well, at least until the wrongful death suits began to pour in from the families of the poor souls who were naive enough to send me their money. While I don't believe MyPillow will cause anyone to die, I am seeing complaints of headaches and other adverse health issues from consumers of this product. If you're experiencing any adverse effects after buying and using MyPillow, the proper course of action is NOT to complain to the FTC or the Better Business Bureau.

Rather, you'll get much better results if you file your complaint with the United States Attorney General. If you're going to throw your $50+ pillow away, send it along with your complaint. Believe me, it won't take long to get the results you desire once her office receives enough pillows. I'd also recommend sending a photocopy of your written complaint to the United States Food and Drug Administration, and another to your state's Attorney General.

It's the AG's job to investigate fraud, and the more complaints they receive concerning a specific product, the more likely they are to launch an investigation.

Likewise, the Food and Drug Administration will investigate products and their manufacturers when they receive a sufficient number of reports of similar or identical side effects caused by any product being sold to American consumers. Complaining on message boards like this one might make you feel better for a while, but knowing you had a significant hand in solving the problem for good is much more satisfying.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Commercial.

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Thanks so much for a very informative review and the course of action to take should we succumb to these late nite product scams.

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