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Scam. Price has tripled since introduction and now $99.

Buy one and get one free? A joke. I called today to take advantage of this 'fabulous' offer only to discover I once again had to listen to the annoying voice of Mike Liddell again and discovered the price has tripled AND I suppose in an effort you sound scientific, I was asked my T -shirt size. How silly.

T-shirt size. Then I was told I was required to state the (here we go) the PROMO CODE. Really? Promo code.

When I reminded the call center lady thst the price has tripled and that I csn buy these ridiculously expensive pillows at WalMart or Amazon for a fraction of the cost, she abruptly stated she was transferring me to customer service, then she was gone. Customer service never came on the line and as I expected, this was a scam. Better pillow for a fraction of the price at Bed Bath and Beyond. Don't fall for this scam.

Perhaps next the ladies will be asked their bra size. Can't believe I wasted my time. I might meander over to WalMart and try one out. Oh yeah, and one more thing, don't fall for the "Patented" thing.

You cannot patent a pillow. And you cannot patent a bed sheet. You can only get a design patent. As did I with my musical stringed instrument.

Do why don't the My Pillow come clean and call it what it is. a design patent.

A scam in every sense of the word. Don't fall for it.

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They ask T-shirt size to get an idea of your shoulder width genius. and you can patent a poly foam. for an inventor your not very bright.


I called to order the buy one get one free My Pillow deal. They were two for $99.00.

If I wanted one pillow it was $49.99.

Are they selling ice in the winter? It's suppose to be a BOGO not Bogus!

Mike Lindel should put that crucifix inside his shirt when he lies on TV.

Joey D


Totally agree with this assessment; also, Cannot find "National Pillow Foundation"

to Anonymous #1141127

I think the scammer said the National Sleep Foundation.

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