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Idk people just seem to hate it. Do I? Don't know I don't have one. I just wanted to break up the cycle for a bit before you dive back into it.

Am I a corporate sponsor? How the *** should I know, I don't have one! Do I want one? $50 will suffice, thank you. Plus Shipping and Handling of course. Oh, and don't forget the Special Offer: "Buy 2 and get 2 Free!" Send it to me in an envelope at an undisclosed location and we're g.

Anyway here's a 5 star review that'll have no actual impact or relevance because this site is from >5 years ago and is not even associated with the company.

And here's an unrelated photo of a dog or something. Idk just enjoy.

Can't upload it on mobile. Oh well.

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They don’t wash well nor do they dry well. Really just the worst... I want my money back.

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