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Well my husband and I purchased two king premium pillows and they were fine until we washed them as instructed by the founder. I wish I knew yet not to wash it because now once again another *** pillow.

Sleep foundation? My guess is it must be just another corrupt entitiy probably created by a government who gets a new pillow when they need it washed. Try washing it because after that it is a hot mess.

My neck hurts nightly and I spend most of the night fixing the fing thing!##!! Oh ps we tried a case in a case to keep it under control we were so desperate nope...He is rich and I once again need a pillow.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Purchased one, very dissatisfied. Purchased a second one months later. a complete waste of money.


Ps check sleep foundation whom endorses as best pillow ever...no full time staff or person available to take questions on why they support a pillow that does not support.

to Anonymous Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #1054351

Try mycomfortu.com. I've spent a few hundred with them just on me, but they are worth it.

They have several types to choose from. I needed the full sized u-shaped pillow with 2 pillowcases and got a great deal for approx $135. The extra money I've spent has been in cases or gifts for orhers.

They use fiber fusion in thier pillows so they never go flat.

The pillows were actually created by a nurse and physical therapist. It was also approved by my neurologists and oncologists. Their u shape is made up of one pillow but the company who makes it, Moonlight Slumber, actually had two makes. The one I chose and a three piece that when put together forms the u shape in the case, or out.

Mycomfortu is an amazing, lifesaving company that is even as we speak, replacing my pillow without me having to do anything, as I'm too ill to, and have been there since day one with any questions or concerns.

I highly recommend them and I honestly don't recommend anyone unless they have really proven themselves to be %200 in description, delivery, which took from Sunday to Tuesday, quality and customer service and satisfaction.

I'm so study for your troubles and how this might help.

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