I ordered a Premium King Size My Pillow. I have many king size pillows and I knew immediately that the MyPillow KING SIZE was not the standard king size pillow.

I tried the pillow for about a week and woke up with bad headaches each night. I then checked the size of the pillow. It measured 15" X 28-29". I then read the advertising brochure that came with the pillow, and it said that the pillow should be 20" X 34".

I phoned MyPillow and told them that I thought I had been sent the wrong pillow size. They said that their king size pillows are off slightly from a regular king size pillow. I said that measurement was not slightly. It was a very significant difference.

She told me to read the label on the pillow. It read that the pillow should be 18.5" X 34". Again, my pillow was still 5 to 6 inches shorter in length and 5" shorter in width than their advertised king size pillow. The customer service rep offered to send a new pillow, but assured me that it would be the same size as the pillow I had.

I said I was not interested in that since I didn't want the same size, and I was having headaches after using the pillow for a week. I asked if I could return the pillow without shipping costs since it was an advertising error on their part. I was told that I had to pay for shipping. I did not find the customer service rep pleasant to talk to at all.

Very defensive in fact. I wish I had read these negative reviews before I purchased the pillow.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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