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I ordered 2 of the my pillows. It was suppose to be buy one get one free.

I only received 2 pillows. They make you think you'd be getting 4. Very misleading. It's a scam.

The 2 pillows were $120 with shipping. Way overpriced.

Avoid their fraudulent website. The pillows aren't that great.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I didn't get that impression from the bogo offer. It all seemed clear to me.

Any way, there is a 60 day satisfaction guarantee. If you really think you were misled, all you have to do is send them back and they should return the money. I just ordered two myself as my wife & I both snore and suffer with neck pain.

The price does seem high considering the buy one get one deal still resulted in a S119.00 bill for the two pillows. I hope they are worth it.

to Anonymous #978698

Wow, I just bought 2 off QVC (deal of the day) for a total of $93 and some change (not to mention it was on easy pay so broken into 2 payments yay, bonus lol) and that was shipping included. And if I'm not satisfied, QVC never has return issues.

Safest route if I'm dissatisfied with the product.

I really hope I like this pillow though. I'm so excited for the UPS guy to show up lol

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