That was an awesome move, posting how horrible their product, the "My Pillow", truly is, inside the hospital. I'm watching the *** commercial right now, what's up with the supposed 10 year warranty they advertise?

The official pillow of the national sleep foundation? Really? I'd just like to know exactly who the national sleep foundation consists of, it must either a bunch of clowns with dunce hats on, or maybe it's dogs and cats, but I don't believe it would good enough for either group. What's up with the supposed "buy one, get one free?" Trust and believe there's no such thing.

For the way over price you pay for the first scam that's not even worth $5 to begin with, they should be sending you a *** more than just

one "for free". Thats all scam artists stealing trusting peoples money. Someone needs to tell Heidi and Frank to stop endorsing this ***.

They are getting paid really good to endorse it so much. Sorry to say to all of the trusting people that got burned by these scam artists, but you are the ones paying these people so well to endorse this *** so much.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

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