Um, sorry if this sounds rude, bit I think it's pretty clear on the website that one pillow is ($100) and the second is "free". You need to type im the BOGO promo code in order the deal to go through the ordering system correctly.

Now, I will admit that ($50) IS expensive for a pillow. BUT, I've spent hundreds of dollars on different kinds of pillows, hoping they would help me sleep better, and not hurt in the morning. MY PILLOW is the only one that has helped me! I do still get migraines, and I also have Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome (which basically means I have chronic "muscle" pain in my neck and shoulders).

The pillow hasn't "taken my pain away" like some customers have said. It's hard to explain, but when I lay down on my MyPillow, I feel like it almost "cradles" my head, neck, and shoulders...

almost like it "absorbs" the heaviness that gravity puts on my body. I LOVE my MyPillow, and my husband finally tried it, and wants his own!

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Yellville, Arkansas, United States #944700

The "commercial" plainly says $10, not $100!

Pickering, Ontario, Canada #930698

I cannot understand that because I find it is the worst pillow I ever slept on . I find a 5.00 pillow at xWalmart is more comfortable

to Anonymous Yellville, Arkansas, United States #944704

I buy a couple of $5.00 pillows at Dollar General or Fred's & replace them every 3 or 4 months when they go flat. I always have fresh new pillows, no washing, at very little cost!

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