We recently received two pillows and we love them. We have slept soo much better.

I would recommend them.

You people with such negative reviews need to get a life and appreciate the good things we are lucky to be able to get. I am pissed at you losers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Wow how can you call people you do not know "losers"? Obviously you are so intelligent and all knowing that your preference of the product is fact and everyone else is lying.

Good luck and maybe think how you would feel if someone said that about you? Because of your remark, I am not purchasing these pillows!


I wonder if those that don't like them have actually used them correctly. I love mine


You need to get a grip on reality. If so many people are complaining it means that something is wrong.

Not everyone's experience is the same. What you like I may not. I usually don't write reviews but in this case I will. This is the worst pillow I've ever brought.

It's extremely uncomfortable and I feel like I'm sleeping on a lumpy balloon.

My foam pillow sleeps way more comfortable than this pillow and I didn't pay that much for it. Total rip- off.


I have been looking at reviews from this site and others and it seems 50/50. People like or hate this product. I am glad you like the pillow but think you are a horse's *** for telling other people to get a life for not agreeing with you.

Your review is the reason I will not try My Pillow.

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