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I was in Walmart today and had once again walked by the MyPillow display in the main isle-way. I know that My pillow had been stripped of their BBB A+ rating due to the numerous complaints received yet clear as day, the boxes still clearly display the BBB A+ rating on the packaging.

I snapped a few photos as proof. Note BBB A+ logo on right side of packages.

Once again for this complaint entry, I must enter at least one hundred words for it to be valid enough so this is just extra wording to try to satisfy the java script word counter. Ah I now have enough words to satisfy the word counter in order to submit my complaint.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Advertisement.

Reason of review: Accuracy in Advertising.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Questionable advertizing practice.

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garbage absolute garbage. the people at the factory told me it was all my fault because I did not know how to adjust the pillow.


They also lost their A+ rating due to deceptive advertising and the Sleep Foundation was bought out to get that rating


The place is Not a good place to work. Just read past employee reviews.

The company is deceiving. I worked there for years myself.


Trying to decide whether to buy a couple of these pillows or not. There's a lot of pro and con's

One thing bothers me about Mr.

Pillow. On his commercials, he wears a dress shirt, and hanging out of the

shirt at the top button is a "Cross"

I suppose that's to assure people he's a religious and honest person ??

I and many of my male friends wear crosses and NONE would let the cross hang out about six inches at the top.

We thinks it's to influence potential good faith buyers.

We think it's cheap Con-man tactic. We'll keep shopping.

to ironmancanada1992 #1378095

Interesting. I see in the Walmart photos I took, even on those boxes, his cross is clearly visible outside his shirt.

I think one can safely assume that it is intentional.

Many previous complains had to do with customer service and trying to get refunds. Has anybody had to deal directly with the company to make a return?

to ironmancanada1992 #1488697

I thought the same. Carnival barker stuff.

Bellingham, Washington, United States #1337396

When I first used My Pillow I thought it was going to be great.

I started waking up often during the night to fluff up the pillow because my head was in a hole.

Went back to my old pillow.

Don't waste your money, people!

to Jane DeBondt Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #1337566

Were you able to return it for a refund?

Jordan, Minnesota, United States #1301275

First of all, I'm an employee at MyPillow. Mike is a great man who really truly cares about his employees AND customers.

As far as the BBB rating on the packaging, use your brain. The boxes and packages that are in the stores have been there for quite a while.

It takes time to get new packaging made and for the old stuff to die out. Nothing happens overnight.

to Chelsey Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #1301445

Just place a sticker on the box to cover up the certification. Pretty simple.

to Anonymous Santa Clarita, California, United States #1352033

Exactly my thought also. Maybe a sticker that says "...recommended by the NSF, which was created by the My Pillow company and only endorses My Pillow products". Two birds with one stone.

to Anonymous Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #1352039

Appreciate the enlightenment.

to Chelsey Southside, Alabama, United States #1355984

Why did they loose the BBB A+ rating?

to Chelsey #1357758

Just bought one king my pillow, on Friday...it is going back to the store on Monday due to neck pain caused by it .

to Chelsey #1358995

Thanks for your comments.You would think that people would know this especially at Walmart which is a warehouse.They have to sell through or send back.I bought my first two on QVC and loved them.I have bought two more for my motor home.Glad to hear that the company is also a good place to work.

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