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Wow i almost bought one. Thank you everyone who took the time to write a review you saved me money.

I am grateful.

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I am great full also.At that price ,they only have to get a sucker ,now and then.Never purchased anything from TV that was not a rip off. My pillows do everything they claim that pillow does,and I guarantee you I did not pay that much for a pillow. They hope people buy from phone.The charge a fortune for their pillow cases also.

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To Anon's comment #1153808

Exactly! I keep telling a friend of mine to stop buying that junk from those ripoff TV ads.


Not only do the out and out lie about their products, they are way overpriced- PLUS they charge an arm and a leg for S&H!

I've never considered buying any TV ad products and never will. Wise up people! The outrageous S&H charges are one of the main reasons they say "But wait!!

You get another one free! Just pay for the second item's S&H." LOL, the S&H is 2x what the item is worth.

As for the "My Pillow", who in their right mind would pay that much for a pillow that's sight unseen and sold by a snake-oil salesman??

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