MyPillow - They are CHEATS

My husband wanted to try these pillows but I was hesitant - however, on the last day of the buy 1 get 1 I finally agreed to order them because there was free shipping included in the advertisement on TV. When I received my bill they charged shipping so I called to get my money back. The customer service supervisor, Dimitri told me there was not free shipping in that offer. I pointed out to him that my purchase was on the last day of the offer (1/31) and that he should stand by the promotion. He basically told me I was a liar and that there had not been any free shipping for over a year. So I replied to him that when you call in the statement of the message is that I will be receiving exceptional customer service and that in light of that statement he should be willing to refund me my $10.58. He refused saying there was nothing he could do......well, why be a supervisor if you can't make decisions that will promote the business and create good will. I told him as much and he could be assured that I would do my very best to let everyone know if you buy from My PIllow you will be cheated and treated with disrespect. The whole thing about this is they are really, really rotten pillows with my inferior materials. Don't waste your money on the product and don't support a company that is greedy and rude.
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I completely agree! My offer was based on a feb 2018 tv ad that said buy two ‘Premium’ pillows and get two travel pillows free.

And if ‘you’re not satisfied for any reason, return my pillows for a “COMPLETE “ refund and ‘keep the two travel pillows as my gift’! (sic?)Well! These pillows are the worst! I tried to return.

Them but they insisted I try another color (they’re coded for head weight???...) but first I’d have to return the ones I had. Ugh & Grrrr. So I did that. Still hated them.

Called customer service two days ago. They wanted me to pay for shipping on top of the $20.00!!! shopping costs I already paid in the first damned place! On top of that, I have to also return the two free travel pillows.

They claimed that the ad I referred to wasn’t the promised or .... basically, like the comment above, I too, must be a liar. Dimitri was awful. Every other customer service representative we spoke to is awful.

This company is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I am disgusted by them and I will make a point to make sure that I tell everyone don’t buy these pillows! They are cheating liars and their pillows are just ripped up cushion foam stuffed in to a 150-200 count cotton sheet and sewn up. All for the low price (NOT!!!) of $100!

I kinda expected the most wonderful, luxurious pillows for that price.I’m so angry and cannot imagine that after all I went through with this company that didn’t follow through with their promotion and promise. Greedy, unbending horrible customer service. Hey Mike Lindell, this is all on YOU.

Perhaps it’s time you take your ‘Christian ‘ cross/crucifix necklace off your neck that you so obviously put on the outside of your blue shirt in your tv ads. Hypocrisy at its best/worst


We have not heard one thing from these people - in addition, in the time that has passed since we bought these things we have found that has advertising leaves a lot to be desired. They are the most uncomfortable pillows ever!!

And, as I'm sure you have received a number of other users who have said the same thing this comes as no surprise. I contacted them to return them and again was met with no customer service and a refusal for consideration of the refund. At the price of these horrible products.

I think we should all band together and put him out of business - PERIOD. It's a shame he runs an American company .......

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MyPillow - Supervisor was snippy.... Beware

THey sent me an email offering me special pricing as a thank I thought I would get my dog a bed. They did not list their prices...instead noted their beds were as low as 35 something. So I checked I wanted a medium which was noted +35.00. I thought it was 35.00, but a different total was noted on my bill. Plus, the price of the bed kept changing before my eyes. I called customer service and she said it was malfunctioning. I called again and was given a supervisor. She told me that I should automatically know 5hat I had to take the lowest price and add 35.00 to calculate my total. I found this type of advertising to be vague and misleading. I also mentioned that the price kept fhanging. She ignored me. She was curt, snippy, disrespectful. I did not purchase their bed, but rather purchased from a different company. I will not do any more business with this company. Lots of companies who want my business
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Snippy supervisor

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