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I ordered My Pillow through a catalog and did not get one like the one I see on TV.I have a pillow without the side inserts and one that is smaller than I ordered --it does not even fill the pillow case. I would like a replacement one like the one advertised on TV. The ads for this pillow are misleading and untrue. I need a good pillow but the one I have is not the one. Please send one soon as I need the right one to get a good night's...
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I liked
  • Pillow if it was only larger
I didn't like
  • Product as it was different than advertised
This have been going on for YEARS, just to let you know!! I received mypillow last 4/8/16 (yellow sticker), I was very eager to use it but I had to wash it first, FOLLOW directions while washing it and drying it. I was able to sleep on it on 4/9. The pillow feels different but comfortable in my opinion, It feels a little bit bulky (doubts in my head while trying to get comfortable in order to go to sleep), I had to shake it in order to make...
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Not as advertised. Not firm, and very lumpy. .
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Anonymous Completely agree - such a waste of $140 for two pillows with shipping! I wouldn't pay $20 for such a pillow. Very lumpy and "yellow" size is super tiny with zero support. Even...

Mypillow Standard Queen Classic Pillow Review

I ordered a My Pillow on 6 Sept and today 19 Sept I called my pillow and talked to 5 different people end was told it would be shipped today and I should receive it no later than next Monday 26 Sept. Totally unsatisfactory!!!