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Put the pillow in the washing machine took 1 hour to draw and still is wet it is a lump bag of *** anyone in their right mind that buys this pillow try to have a lot of balls this man that owns a company and makes excuses and gets away with it on the free air and the commercials that he uses to sell the pillow dish pillow broke my washing machine also the dryer had to be repaired because of the heaviness of the pillow that contain more water that didn't come out of the phone it took longer to dry and it still isn't right I hung it up on the line and still it didn't dry so what I did is I put it out in the sun and when I brought it back it was worse than when I bought it but it is still a piece of *** please America wake up don't let this happen to you and a Word of Wisdom when you vote for somebody make sure that you're happy and sure that you're getting the right product but as far as I'm concerned my pillow should not be on the Airways selling a product let's cruise the American public again I say this if you want to get a good product go to the store but before you buy it check out the pros and cons this guy is a multi-millionaire selling chopped up foam that my dog wouldn't sleep on and that's his pillow too thank you and God bless all who made the heavens be for all and again I say tone for the gimmicks when the American dollar it's so hard to get you get American people that manufacture products and outside the country taking advantage of us if you think that's right and we go we better go live on another planet thank you

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Standard Queen Classic Pillow.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Wtf was that rant! Proof positive folks, don't type drunk.


English *** do you speak it


This review would have made more sense if the writer had used a little punctuation, and spent 30 seconds reviewing what they had written before posting. I can tell that they hated the pillow, but that's about all.