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I am soooo glad i did not read all of the reviews of my pillow before i purchased them or i would not have bought them from all the nasty reviews they received.I personally LOVE my pillow and could not be happier (well i guess a cheaper price could make me happier) but other than that... i love it... my husband also loves his. Have been using them for about a week now and have none of the complaints others seem to have.They arrived quickly, they...
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Anonymous Well you suck cuz it's each to their own... I have two and I love them...


Anonymous Well,your dumb. Pillows sucks.

Heard the radio ad to try it free for 30 days.Ordered it. Did not like the pillow, which is filled with lumpy chunks of foam. Wrapped it up and sent it back. They provided a mailing label for $9.95 to return it with. Was okay with that. When I got the credit card statement, I learned that they had 1) overcharged my card for the order by $3.54 and 2) undercredited me for the return. I called to clear it up and was told they deducted $9.95 for the...
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Anonymous Very bad pillow did not live up to the hype. Horrible product.

I was actually excited to get a good pillow.Granted it is overpriced, but if it works, it would be worth it. I have attached a photo of the pillow after TWO nights of horrible sleep. I had to fold the pillow over. There was absolutely no substance to the pillow. As many people have written it is like cheap egg crate foam inside. I called the company and spoke to Tom and he offered to give me an "upgrade" in my pillow. He said that I had...
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Anonymous I had the same experience. There are 2 levels of pillows - the regular one and the premium one. They do not tell you when you buy the pillow that you have to get the premium...


Steven Customer service berated me and was very condescending in their responses to me. Customer service doesn't seem to be a priority to them.

I didn't like
  • Bait and switch
  • Misadvertising
  • Lousy cheap pillows

Mypillow Standard Queen Premium Pillow Review

I saw the Comercial on tv so i said let me try them .OMG what a mistake i made i didn't like them at all to soft and flat what a waste of money i shouldn't have ordered them my old pillows was better then these.
My name is Yvette.I have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. Since my recent diagnose I have been feeling very uncomfortable sleeping every single night. I bought so many pillows expensive on sale with foam with feathers medium soft you name it. None of this pillows gave me a proper neck support and my head did not feel full in it with the support I wanted to feel. One day I was searching reviews to see if there was a pillow out there...
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Anonymous Almost reads as though it is a script from a commercial.


Anonymous my pillow paid you for this review and they paid this website to feture you on facebook

I liked
  • I will never ever sleep again with any other pillow
  • That i slept comfortably