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My wife and I were planning on getting some new pillows because our existing pillows were getting worn. We have recently found some very nice pillows at Bealls.

i discouraged my wife from purchasing them because I wanted to look into the "my pillow" that I have heard advertised. I became particularly interested after hearing Shawn Hannity rave about his "my pillow" on his radio broadcast. Well......after a through review of the pillow I think Hannity should be ashamed of himself. I doubt very seriously if a man with his income sleeps on what nearly everyone rates "a piece of s---".

These influential media types really disappoint me when they endorse ***. I'll never trust his endorsement again, and I'm certainly not wasting my time or money on the "my pillow".

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The most disappointing in user's experience was pillow quality. If you have a chance, please immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Not sure why the negative comments, we like ours very much, so much that we bought more for the cabin. Price is a little steep but if you want a quality product made in America it's going to cost you. Otherwise, visit Walmart once every six months to replace the Chinese garbage that they sell.


Was considering purchasing the pillows, but after reading several negative comments, I think I will pass. Thanks all for the warnings! YOU ROCK!!

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