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I Do not like my pillow it got more firm every time it was washed. Was not getting anywhere with customer service so I decided to do a little surgery on my pillow and take some of the fill out .

I thought MAYBE this would make it comfortable. NOPE!! And here is a picture of the famous " patented interlocking fill " I found inside. Nothing like the tv commercials .

Please do not waste your money on this product !!! Now even trying to do this review I have to write at least 100 words about this *** pillow before I can submit this review .

i only need a couple words to discribe .... false advertising and not comfortable

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

MyPillow Cons: Shredded foam lumpy.

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Lol *** quality post from someone who should clearly see a chiropractor


I agree... Add insult to injury...I have to pay to return the junk pillows...


I didn't like My Pillow either too hot, returned it.


This pillow is AWFUL. And everything they stated was a lie.

Health benefits, lie, buy one get one, lie, official pillow of the national sleep foundation... true, but only because they paid for that endorsement, oh yea and this great interlocking fill.. if u mean recycled shredded foam, absolutely. People should have problems paying 50 bucks for garbage in a cotton bag...

I made the exact same pillow from a pillow case and my dogs bed he tore apart... actually it's a little more comfortable.


So what I’m hearing is that you paid too much, couldn’t get your money back. So you trash it then make your own pillow to pass off the fact that you didn’t have enough funds to spend on a pillow but you did cause well. Poor money management skills are real




Great pillow..........until you wash it. Becomes more firm and very uncomfortable.

Contacting company today to see if they stand behind their ten year warranty. Of course, the warranty claims it won't go flat......no mention of losing its original shape and softness


Lol why should they, any company that makes pillows should have say that they will loss their softness and shape. It’s a pillow not a “magical” pillow.


Very poor quality, ads are a scam. Will use the pillow as a bed for a small dog.


That’s animal cruelty and I’m seriously considering turning you in to the proper authorities! How dare you, Ann Nonymous!


Best pillow of my life. It’s such a relief to get a whole night of quality sleep on a pillow that doesn’t get hot and stays cool and stays supportive without flattening.

Just remember to puff it up before bed and it will keep its shape all night. Not sure how anyone could complain about this pillow, it’s just fantastic.


I'm thinking when you dried it the foam semi meltted


Bought one years ago. It is garbage.

No better than the cheap store brand pillow at Walmart. Save your money, go to the department store and get a decent pillow.


I'm so sick of his commercial, nice guy or not. I made one of my own but it can't be washed.

I dryed the first one I made and there could hAve been a fire. Whatever I ripped up in pieces (little foam poeces from another pillow) they started melting.

So it's time to buyone I can wash.

I'm just shocked at the reviews. Wow


I love " mypillow" 100%!


I bought my, my pillows years ago and still have been sleeping better with them. I cannot say enough about how wonderful it is to get better sleep.

I have washed and dried them as per instructions and they have come out just wonderful.

My only problem is that the pillow cases that they come in have finally wore thin enough to shred in the washer, so I will be contacting them when I get all the foam out of my washer. I'm hoping for no issues.


over hyped on the radio - it is a lousy pillow - sent my back 1st week./ They charged tax on the postage. Wonder if the state got their taxes?


Looks like you have buyers remorse. This pillow is just amazing. I bet all the complainers are just cheapskates that can’t handle paying for top quality products.


Really Richard? I'd take that bet.

I bought 12 of them for Christmas gifts last year & only one sleeps with it. They are hot, lumpy, & very uncomfortable. People complain because they've spent a lot of money on a product that probably costs $2 to make.

Who are the cheapskates here? How much were you paid for your review?


You got proof you bought that many? I’m sure people just didn’t want a pillow as a gift. Like FFS