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My husband loves his pillow, but after a while I felt time to wash it, first off, didn't really go under water in the washing machine, kind of floated, but the biggest thing was it took 6 hours of drying in the dryer, still not dry...hung out on clothes line for a full day ( it was 75 degree hot sunny no humidity) still not dry, left in hot car for a day, still not dry, then let it sit out after another round 2 hours in the dryer for a day...Finally dry...we will never wash those pillows again. thank god I had back up old pillows to use.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

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I encountered the exact same problem, and I hung it out in the Keys 650 miles from the equator


sound like the perfect writing material for the sitcom "family guy"

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