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Upon purchasing the 2 for 1 product, king size, I noticed an obvious difference in the amount of filling in both pillows. I opted to take the one with lesser filling.

( This decision was reached by my wife....no further comment needed.)

Now it is several months later, and 3 washings, the filling in my pillow has become much more noticeable. I have contacted Customer Service with my concerns. I was asked about the ink color on the tag, and whether it was knife cut, or if there was a 2 inch gusset....My ink color was black, and there was a 2 inch gusset. I replied with the requested information, and received an email saying that they would replace it if I paid $9.98 shipping.

Now, considering I noticed the under-fill, I now know I should have responded immediately. Even at that, I feel as though I should not be required to pay shipping, considering the cost of the pillows, as I responded in a follow-up email.

I thought this was a pretty cool company, with a quality product. I suppose I was wrong on both counts.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Reason of review: One pillow under-filled..

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: No charge for shipping on replacement..

MyPillow Cons: Failure to acknowledge under-fill.

Store Location: Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

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The My Pillow company states they have a 90 day refund policy and 10 year warranty. Why would they not just replace this man's pillow that is obviously defective! Now I'm not going to purchase.


Just a quick follow-up. The company did replace the pillow, and I was charged nothing.

I thought that in fairness, I should mention this. I still am enjoying the pillow to this day.


The first month maybe with mypillow was ok now they just are bad .... the foam separates while you sleep ...

does NOT support you all night... actually I wake during the night just to re adjust the pillow .... anyway.... please DO NOT waste your money on this product.....

it's about 5 dollars worth of materials for 60 to 100 dollars .... and it's not even worth the 5 bucks


I agree very poor quality and I have ran into very poor customer service. I think when they first came out they were made a lot better now it’s not about the quality of the product but the quantity that they can sell!


Oh I agree!! As a fellow Trump voter I believe that return policies just don't apply to me and that companies should be paying me EXTRA for the honor of accepting my returns!

Your story is just more proof that this is the biggest issue we face today! Your story made me so upset I feel customer service owes ME some compensation!!


To Anonymous 4/27/16:. Are you nuts?

Are you trying to give Trump voters a bad name. Most people don't want or expect something for nothing. They just want what a court of law would call "being made while". They want what they've paid for.

They shouldn't be charged to exchange "defective" merchandise.

Especially when the company should be able to write the cost off as a loss on their tax returns. Get real dude, you're out there.


Thanks so much for your comment. It's greatly appreciated, GEEK.

It is obvious you are of a superior intelligence.

I will take your advice into consideration. Is trolling a full time job for you?


well no ***, honestly what did you expect from a product on tv? Hes there just to make money.

Just a word of advice.

Never buy *** you see on tv. I thought this was just common sense but obviously its not lmao.

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