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I try to avoid any program that airs this ad. And that is hard because it is so in your face.

It is a miniature infomercial with the owner yelling at you. Or like Home Shopping Channel where the host goes on an on about how amazingly, perfectly, phenomenally, wonderful the product is and you will virtually wither away to nothing if you don't buy it now. There are so many absurd statements in the ad. (1) "like all of you I had trouble sleeping." All of us?; (2) "I invented my pillow to solve ALL of these sleep problems".

Really, all of them? One perfect pillow for every human in the world. Amazing!; (3) "I personally guarantee this will be the most comfortable pillow...." Why would a personal guarantee mean anything. It is not like we know him or know whether he can financially back up his "personal guarantee." Just meaningless words meant to trick idiots who get suckered into this type of mumbo jumbo.

Besides, due to the cost of the shipping to purchase and then return the product, you will have paid the true value for it with shipping costs even if you do return it. The guarantee is hollow; (4) He touts "buy one get one free" but notice that he never says how much it costs on the TV ad because once he blurted the words that one pillow costs $100 everyone would know that the purchasers are paying for thousands of ads per day, not for a decent pillow. Or $109 if you want a king size pillow. Are you kidding me?

for a pillow with some sort of fluff pellets in it? Most late night TV ads at least pretend that the cost is one amount, but if you buy now you can get another one free. Why is he not even being as honest as those other annoying commercials. What is he hiding?

The embarrassing price; (5) Oh, and he is "proud to announce My Pillow is the official pillow of the National Sleep Foundation." Ok, so he paid some money and gets to say that. Kind of silly. Does anyone really think there was any competition for that or anything?; (6) He wears a cross on his ads and his hold music when you call is Amazing Grace. It is nice he found religion to help him with his demons but anyone who uses religion to hawk a product is questionable.

I mean, Amazing Grace as hold music?; (7) Look, I am sure this is a fine product that works for some and not for others. The reviews make it sound like very few like it, but for them they should have this available.

The problem is the ad, its exaggerated promises and its chicanery attempting to lure the undereducated and elderly. Oh, and that jingle!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Chesapeake, Virginia, United States #1182401

This commercial is mental abuse. The pillow must cost 1.00 and the rest goes to advertising because it is all I hear everyday.

I listen to the radio and it is on non stop and then it is on the TV all night. I have to change the channel whenever it comes on!

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