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I bought the MyPillow at a Walgreens as a get well present to myself after surgery, hoping for really good nights' sleep to help me recover, so I was disappointed from the start to learn that it would take 2 weeks for me to start to see the results. After heating it in the dryer as instructed, I found the lumpy texture uncomfortable and too firm, and the pillow does not stay cool, as advertised.

So every time I wake up, I have to flip it over and punch it up, just like any other pillow. The instruction flyer lists a number to call if you "don't absolutely love" the pillow after a month, but that number is to an outsourced call center--not helpful at all, So I went to the website and called their direct number, after being assured that the customer service team would be more than happy to help me. However, I was told to take the pillow back to Walgreen's. Since I didn't buy the pillow directly from them, they were not only not interested in making me happy with the product, they weren't even interested in why I didn't like it.

My feeling is that this company isn't interested in either a quality product or customer satisfaction. They should stand behind their product no matter where you buy it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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ok why you made at walgreens?

to Anonymous #717525

I'm NOT mad at Walgreen's. When I first posted this I did not put Walgreen's in the title.

I guess the website administrator did, and I;d like them to change it back. My WHOLE complaint is against the people who make the MyPillow, because THEY won't stand behind their product because I bought it at Walgreen's.


Did you get your money back?

to Employee #716972

I don't have the original packaging or receipt, so I didn't even try to take it back to Walgreen's. My issue isn't with Walgreen's in any case--it's with the manufacturer of the pillow. While there ARE occasional nights when I prefer it to my other pillows, the point is that it not only doesn't perform as advertised, but the company that makes it doesn't stand behind the product--won't exchange it or refund your money unless you bought it directly from them, and couldn't care less about why you don't like it.

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