I called and emailed Wednesday, The Second Day of Infamy when I realized that MikePillow had spoken in support of trump during that event. I cannot and will not purchase his pillows.

I have wasted hours trying to call the Customer Service Department, an finally got through Thursday night. I was given a RMA number, and will be sending the products back. I realized that you did not pay return shipping, but am dismayed that you charge a 9.99 restock fee. Subsequently I

found that you have thousands of negative customer service complaints I hope that I will receive my refund in good order as soon as it is shipped to you.

Your offers and business practice are very poor in my opinion. If there is ny unreasonable delay, I will take action.

I have sent you telephone email and mail information with each contact, and I will not care to hear you justify its loss or delay. I wil warn each person I know to avoid your company.

Also, if Lindell is not a con artist, then he should have repudiated the rally yesterday. Dozens have already regretted following the crowd and lost livelihoods already.

Actions have consequences. Beware!

Yours Bill Crane found that you have thousands of negative reviews

User's recommendation: Don't buy My Pillow products. Lindel is a fellow traveler with Trump. and believes he has no responsibility to consumers. Check out his blanket response to this site and Better Business Bureau.

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Cry baby


well. up yours.

bozo. was actually both a very disappointed-dissatisfied customer and a highly ripped off consumer.

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