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Go ahead . Key in the MyPillow promo code the company offers on their TV commercials/infomercials.

By the time you add the minimal standard shipping cost, you'll be withing pennies of the original price. I canceled my order once I saw how the company operates. And that "buy one get one free" on the regular queen size pillow...well that, if I can remember correctly, was the "original price" that I remember viewing over a year ago. So that so-called reduced price from $174 is fraudulent.

I'm surprised the FTC or the BBB hasn't stepped in a called this company out on it's dishonest business ethics.Then again, the FTC covers for some companies operating with unethical business practices. I like and appreciate American made products but these items are simply over priced and not properly "discounted" for the consumer.

That said, there are other products to help get you a better nights sleep. Do your homework folks before spending money at My Pillow.

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