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Please think of it this way. If you are wearing a Cross consistently in your life and you, say, go to apply for a job, go to the grocery store, panhandle, go to work, do you expect different treatment?

I see some comments here that the owner wears it to get business. First, is this factual? Second, (unfortunately) many have ousted God in America. The owner, by showing his faith, has taken a chance that most likely, lost business.

So please, this is America.

Be thankful that this business owner still has the RIGHT to wear a cross. This right is taken MUCH for granted.

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Learned a long time ago, in business people that outwardly make a show of how religious they are.......are crooks!


What makes you ashamed of being Christian Julie? My comments were geared towards the many that were ‘insulted ‘ seeing the owner wearing a cross in the advertisements.

Personal faults?

Perhaps reading it properly might cool your temper. God bless and I hope you love My Pillow as much as I do!


Proud Christian you make me ashamed of being one! just post your review this is not the forum for your personal faults.

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