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unaffordable pricing

Why are these so expensive can not afford on a fixed income and a senior who needs to get proper sleep


Pillow King size pillow, soft,medium or hard?

Does "My Pillow " come in soft, Medium or hard? I was asked by my Grandaughter & I didn't find a tag that said.

It takes 2 full days to dry 1 pillow.

So, I won't be washing them again. I'm not upset, I just won't dry them.


My Pillow

I bought my Pillow a couple of years ago and it was great but its deflated and now hurts my neck. Can I get my money back?


pillow care

How often should the pillow be washed?


Neck issues

Does anybody else have neck and shoulder issues since using my pillow? I don't know if it's coincidence or not.



New pillow, should I put it in a dryer before first use?



Is it true you're going to continue ads on the Laura Ingraham Fox show? If so, I'm not going to buy any of your products


Defective pillow

How do I return it and get a new one. I have called customer service and they never call me back. Please have someone contact me at 815 245 6020.


MyPillow Jingle

Who wrote the jingle, when did they write it and what genre would it be classified?


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