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Got exactly what i ordered in a timely manner. Paid exactly the price i was told it would be.

Yes, a bit pricey, but no more than high dollar pillows at Bed,Bath,and Beyond. Where these other people thought they were getting 2 pillows for 10.00 or 69.00 or 199.00 i have no idea. They must be stoned,***,professional complainers or all three. I have never seen or heard a commercial advertise these prices, or for that fact any prices at all.

Only buy one get one free. The prices are listed on their website and they don't change. As for myself, i am completely happy with the pillows i received.

Chuck G. Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

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Their TV offer is $29.95 for one and they'll throw in a second for "free". Their code number differs each day I see the commercial, so I would guess they're tracking the response.

See Amazon for other reviews.



The pillows are indeed advertised for $19.99 ....AND buy one get one free with only additional shipping and handling charges!! It is all over the airwaves late at night on infomercials.

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