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My Pillow has been calling and waking me up, sending email, for close to three weeks, unsolicited and unwanted, in violation of Federal Do Not Call and also possibly of Federal laws regarding randomly generated calls and scam calls. They refuse to erase my information, continue to call, and are incredibly rude when I complain, including giving me the "runaround" when I demand a supervisor, putting me on hold between each employee that they bounce me back and forth to.

They've been sarcastic and have used a patronizing tone of voice. The supervisors like to hang up when they can't dazzle you with their dancing or baffle you with their BS, not a good business tactic. If you need pillows, it would be better to buy from an established local business that has a good track record and easy return/exchange policy... the complaints found online about this product include pillow falling apart quickly, lumpy and not holding shape, not staying cool, smells making customers sick, independent lab reports that say such materials have outgassing chemicals that are toxic, cannot get dry in dryer, sending wrong item without resolution, forcing customer to pay exhorbitant shipping fees to return, delaying exchange or resolution until warrantee expires, sneaky fine print and adding credit card charges/double charging without permission of credit card owner with empty threats if customer catches it...

They carefully infer that their pillow miraculously cures everything but the common hangnail, but it cannot. If you have sleep apnea, obesity, diabetes, depression/anxiety or other affective issues that can interfere with sleep, fibromyalgia, osteo- or rheumatoid arthritis, oncologic issues, cardiopulmonary disease, alcoholism, drug side effects, environmental issues and so on, this pillow cannot help and real professionals can. Be aware that their testimonials are anecdotal, statistically skewed and insignificant, and that any private lab they might use is like "the fox guarding the henhouse." Mike The Salesman wears a huge cross to subliminally manipulate potential customers into associating his business with caring and honesty, but it isn't, according to complaints seen online and filed with the proper agencies. He shames all real American businesses who work so hard to earn a living with good products and services.

I couldn't find a toll-free number and they cost me money when I called back at the toll number on caller ID, and isn't that interesting when, in fact, they do have 800 numbers, which my Attorney General was glad to give me as well as sending me a formal complaint form... and the SG's office said they have lots of other complaints already. Folks, it's an infomercial, and they are trying to sell as much as they can before the fad is over and they disappear. Your mother told you when you were a kid that "if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is..." and she was right.

Don't place undeserved value on My Pillow just because they are ridiculously expensive... that's a logic fallacy and well-known psychological tactic. Be an informed consumer, and don't fall for it.

Buy from a reliable local merchant who won't disappear, stands by their promise courteously, offers value, and doesn't need to sucker you with late-night infomercials that prey upon your pain and suffering by causing you to suffer more, once you realize they scammed you. PT Barnum said "there's a sucker born every minute." Please, prove Barnum wrong: take your hard-earned money elsewhere.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $15.

Preferred solution: Erase/destroy every speck of my personal information from their records and never contact me again in any format..

I didn't like: Scam calls, Harassment.

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You're a load of ***! You don't even own the pillow. Maybe do an actual review on something you own, not on your delusions...creep!


I am almost positive this company does not makes cold calls, are you sure you aren't in need of this pillow??!! It doesn't even sound like you own the pillow...how can you complain about something you have never owned?

Sure, not all people are going to like it, but I have talked to many people that love theirs.

I think you are a crock of BS yourself!! Get a life and find something better to do with your time!!

to Anonymous #983385

Just bought the pillow today. It is everything negative that has been mentioned.

No *** here.

Do not buy. The worst pillow I have ever come across......

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