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The rudest customer service rep that I ever dealt with! 30 minutes trying to get my questions regarding my order and try listening to Amazing Grace for 30 Street minutes, Enough to make you go agnostic

Location: Naples, Florida

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A TWO & a HALF HOUR WAIT for a CS agent to actually talk to you?? Try the chatbot, and it just tells you all their agents are offline and to call.

Do you have more than 2 agents working?? STILL waiting on the correct platform bed frame that YOUR shipping company mistakenly sent the wrong frame. I returned the wrong one to you the very next day, but can't get an answer as to when the correct one will ACTUALLY ship seven days later. About ready to return the whole $2200 order back to you, My Pillow.

I got bored while on wait and googled My Pillow reviews...WOW.

Quite a LOT of issues! I should probably return my order...still boxed waiting on correct item.

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