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I was given two of these as a gift. The pillows took a while to get used to as it seemed weirdly lumpy, but after using it and getting to know it better, it REALLY supports your head/neck and can be sort of made to be whatever height you need.

My neck aches went away instantly. HOWEVER, and this is a BIG however... I started getting a horrible dermatitis all around both eyes and a rash in the back of my neck. Yep, I have allergies, and from time to time had had a little redness around eyes, but NOTHING LIKE THIS.

It's been horrible. I couldn't figure out if it was stress, or something I was eating. I kept eliminating things (stopped all carbs, alcohol, caffeine etc) and nothing was making it better. Then I was thinking...

why is it always worst in the morning? Then the lightbulb went on... THE PILLOWS! I looked up "allergic reaction to MyPillow" and yep, I am not alone.

Many, many people developed weird and sometimes severe allergic reactions, rashes, hives, headaches, etc.

SO, I stopped using them, and lo and behold, the rash disappeared after a few nights on my regular pillows. I'm sad because they really did support my head/neck.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Standard Queen Classic Pillow.

Reason of review: severe allergic reaction to product.

Monetary Loss: $90.

Preferred solution: MAKE BUYERS AWARE. This is really bad, and many others have reported the same thing..

I didn't like: Severe allergic reaction.

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I am definitely having an allergic reaction from the pillow. My face and lips are swollen and numb and I have flu like symptoms. Has anyone else experienced this kind of reaction?


I used these pillows for a couple days. Got red swollen eyes and my nose and sinuses were completely stuffed up!

Final straw was last night at 3am when I got these symptoms again.

Switched back to my normal pillow at that time and by the time my alarm went off at 6:30am, I was completely fine and felt significantly better. I reported this back to MyPillow and told them they need an allergy warning on their products.


Just tried mypillow for the first time and after 2 nights, woke up witha red swollen face and rash over my entire body. Thank goodness I found these posts, because I thought I was crazy for considering the pillow as the culprit. I've gotten steroids from the doctor and quit using the pillow last night.

Thank you I just got one and I'm having the same problem :(

My husband ordered a 'My Pillow' and pillow cases for each of us. He loves his.

I hate mine. We followed the pre-use instructions For me, it seemed ok at first, but I wasn't impressed with the 'lumpy-ness'. But within days they were affecting my eyes and sinuses. My eyelids got red and puffy, they burned and itched and I got really stuffed up.

My husband said it was probably just a cold coming on, but it didn't get any better. I Started taking BENEDRYL, but there was no change. So I took the pillow and put it in the other side if the room. That seemed to help and after a or so the swelling wasn't as bad, but not back to normal.

BUT my husband kept using his pillow and after about another week, my eyes started to swell and itch again and it was maybe a little worse. I threw mine in the spare room. I have tried to get my husband to stop using his pillow...even for a couple days just to see, but he won't. The only allergy I have is to wasp stings, I swell up at the sting sight and once my arm from the shoulder to beyond elbow almost doubled in size.

Benedryl has always worked for me, but not this time. I even took Mucinex and I am still swollen, itchy and pissed off.

ANY SUGGESTIONS! Marcia marciajean68879@gmail.com

to Marcia Shelton #1588957

Dump your husband he's an ***


Hey I have the same thing It’s going on three days with the rash How long did it take for the itchy burning rash to go away? Scarey stuff!!! El


Same thing but have spent months vscj and fourth to dictirs trying to figure what’s wrong with p my eyes?


Same thing


Thanks for posting these reactions. I have been using my pillow for several months.

Recently my eyes have been red in the morning ( looked just like the gal in the picture ). I was recently without my pillow for a few days, came home and was using it again.....

My eyes immediately were red again. Your posts just confirmed my suspicions.


Same horrible reaction - after 2 steroid packs and trips to a physician, we determined it was the my pillow. Horrible


I also have been going through an allergic reaction for 2 months.I thought is was the pollen in the air.Went to the eye doc, was given antibiotics and told there was something in my living space that was causing this reaction.I have been off the antibiotics for a week, the reaction has come back.I am tossing this pillow in the garbage TODAY!!!!


No rash for me, but I had vertigo and dizziness after using the pillow. Maybe just coincidence but wondering if anyone else had this problem

to Andrew #1526440

Yes it messes with my right ear makes me dizzy cuz I sleep on my right side I had to get a new pillow


I received severe rash on my face after using this 1 night. Stay Away.


I quit using the pillow and within a week all hives gone

to Anonymous #1460318

I quit using the pillow and all hives gone within a week.2 months of suffering because of these pillows


Ive been having a reaction on my arm and I thought it was my washing powders so I switched.Im wondering if this pillow is my problem


Oh my goodness I’m so sorry you went thru that! But I’m so glad I found this because I’ve been having the same problem for two months, a rash on the back of my neck on the palm of my hands and severe red itchy circles around my eyes!I’ve had “my pillow” for about a year, did you get symptoms right away?

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