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I was given two of these as a gift. The pillows took a while to get used to as it seemed weirdly lumpy, but after using it and getting to know it better, it REALLY supports your head/neck and can be sort of made to be whatever height you need.

My neck aches went away instantly. HOWEVER, and this is a BIG however... I started getting a horrible dermatitis all around both eyes and a rash in the back of my neck. Yep, I have allergies, and from time to time had had a little redness around eyes, but NOTHING LIKE THIS.

It's been horrible. I couldn't figure out if it was stress, or something I was eating. I kept eliminating things (stopped all carbs, alcohol, caffeine etc) and nothing was making it better. Then I was thinking...

why is it always worst in the morning? Then the lightbulb went on... THE PILLOWS! I looked up "allergic reaction to MyPillow" and yep, I am not alone.

Many, many people developed weird and sometimes severe allergic reactions, rashes, hives, headaches, etc.

SO, I stopped using them, and lo and behold, the rash disappeared after a few nights on my regular pillows. I'm sad because they really did support my head/neck.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Standard Queen Classic Pillow.

Reason of review: severe allergic reaction to product.

Monetary Loss: $90.

Preferred solution: MAKE BUYERS AWARE. This is really bad, and many others have reported the same thing..

MyPillow Cons: Severe allergic reaction.

  • Allergies
  • Rash
  • Allergic Reaction
  • Eczema
  • Dermatitis
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Me too!! I was a mess all night.

And my mornings were heck coming out of the reaction. I do have pretty severe allergies so I’m sure they are for some!!

I also didn’t find them comfortable. We threw our away.


I don't generally have allergies except to chlorine, but for several weeks I have been getting severe welts bumps on my head, back of neck and side of the neck. thought I got into fleas or something.

itchy all the time and now my head is embarrassing in public. nobody in the family has the symptoms and I am the only one with a my pillow in the family. I blamed the dog for fleas or mites but no sign of any of these. trying to figure out how and where this could come from and I thought.

maybe its my, My Pillow and then I stumbled on this forum. I took away the pillow a few days ago and it seems to be clearing up.

definitely not going to use it and continue to treat the sores and see what happens. If this is the problem I am very pissed to say the least!!!


I had the exact same reaction, I was eliminating things-makeup, cleansers, dusted the bedroom really well, kept dirty laundry out of bedroom and still I had been waking up with puffy-red-burning eyes and had breathing issues. I took the pillows away one day and since I hadn't gotten good sleep, took a nap and woke up-no red-puffy-burning eyes, I was breathing better and even the next morning I felt better.

It's only been a couple days, so I will be certain probably in a week.

I was sad as the travel MyPillow was awesome! It was my favorite for my neck.


I too had a reaction. My neck, chest and face became itchy and red.

Thought I developed an allergy to something, went to allergist, had tests, found nothing. Changed makeup, face cream, others, no luck.

Figured it might be the pillow so I took my old one back and so far no allergic reactions. Hopefully that was the culprit and hopefully no more allergic reactions.


What about the My Pillow topper mattress ?


Hello, I just got off the phone with My Pillow representative. I, too started having major allergic reactions to their pillows (sinus, eyes, ear and chest infections).

Although I'm 67 days out from my order, they refuse to refund my money. And yes, their mattress topper is made from the exact same material they use for their pillows.


I too feel that this has been my allergic issue. My husband bought these 4 weeks ago and we love them...however, in the past 3 weeks my eyes have started to get very puffy, red, itchy and watery.

Thinking it was "spring" allergies I ran to the store to get meds and 3 weeks later nothing has touched it.

Today I noticed on top of the eye issue that from the shoulders up I am that itchy I can't stand it. Sadly I will be removing My Pillows so that hopefully I can see again.


Update..stop using the pillows the day I post this and have had NO issues with my eyes and from the shoulders up I am not itchy anymore...such a shame because I have never slept better on those pillows.....I just looked like something out of a horror flick is all!


Thank the lord I think I finally found what has been causing me welts and hives on the back of my neck, side of my ear, hands, mid section, etc. After seeing different drs, specialist, changing detergents, it was actually by accident I slept on a different pillow I woke up to no hives on my neck and a peaceful night sleep.

Unfortunately this morning, again, huge welts on my neck.....I checked out which pillow I had used, and sure enough it was the my pillow! I took it out of the pillowcase and it actually smells of chemicals. I did a search online to see if this could possibly be the issue and I have come across so many similar stories!

WHAT THE HECK IS IN THESE PILLOWS THAT ALL OF A SUDDEN IS CAUSING THESE REACTIONS?! Not to mention the chemical smell coming from them?


Omg! Thank you so much for posting this!!

I’ve been having a HORRIBLE reaction on my eyes and could not figure out why!! I saw your review and your pictures and a light bulb went off!! It’s the stupid pillow!!!!

I’m throwing it away immediately! Thank you so much for sharing your experience.


I loved the my pillow when I bought it. I slept so good.

After a while my neck became red and hot. My scalp itch and was red and bumpy. I tried changing shampoos and other hair products.

Then I quit sleeping on the pillow. My symptoms are now going away


OMG, I have been suffering for months and had the light bulb moment this morning. What if it is my pillow and decided to look up allergies related to this pillow.

Everything I have read is exactly what is going on. I also switched all products from detergent to body wash and makeup. My breakout has been eyes, arms, neck, back of head and most recently breasts. I have a consultation scheduled at USF today for additional testing and be sure this information is going with me.

I can only hope this may be my problem with an easy resolution.

Thank you all for your posts. Gail A


Yes! I have the same allergic reaction to My Pillow, whatever the chemical composition of the foam might be. I found out right away how lumpy and poorly made the pillow is, but the rash at my nape got really bad before we figured out the cause and I used a prescription cream -- and threw away that awful pillow!


Ok I agree with many of you. Sadly I have to give up my pillow.

I have allergies but have never had hives on the back of my head! Cant stop itching and went thru so many meds wondering what was going on until I found these reviews.

I stopped using My Pillow and have had no issues since. I did love the product but my body said no.


I broke out in hives on my face and neck as soon as I hit the pillow, you would think that would have made me put 2 and 2 together, but nope, I just figured it out last night. No more “My Pillow” for me.


Omgosh! So, I have had eczema on my lips and eyelids for a few years and it had started to get worse, going on looking just like the pictures above.

I'm freaked because I have headshots that s week to take, but so thankful I had the forethought to buy new (non-MyPillow) pillows yesterday and switching them out today. I have gone through dermatologist visits, expensive allergist visits, switched to free-and-clear products and duh, it could be what I'm sleeping on!

I hope this switch works. My self-esteem sure could use it!


I got this pillow for Christmas. Helped greatly with my neck and I actually got to sleep through the entire night!

But I’ve woken up several mornings with severe swelling in my eyes. Sometimes unable to open them at all! At first my doctor thought it was my contacts or mascara.

After giving it a few weeks I tried using the pillow again and the same reaction! After reading these reviews, I can now confirm it is my pillow!


I am definitely having an allergic reaction from the pillow. My face and lips are swollen and numb and I have flu like symptoms. Has anyone else experienced this kind of reaction?


Yes! Flu like us exactly right!

Been to the hospital, my ENT and today back to the ER with severe bronchial spasms. Hives head to toe from this dang pillow!!!


I used these pillows for a couple days. Got red swollen eyes and my nose and sinuses were completely stuffed up!

Final straw was last night at 3am when I got these symptoms again.

Switched back to my normal pillow at that time and by the time my alarm went off at 6:30am, I was completely fine and felt significantly better. I reported this back to MyPillow and told them they need an allergy warning on their products.