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After reading all of these reviews, my impression of Mike as a *** man feels validated. When I noticed that he had shoved a Cross on a necklace, out the very top of his fully buttoned-up shirt--in such a bizarre way that you couldn't fail to notice it, I figured that he was trying to bamboozle people into buying his pillow because he's "a good Christian" and therefore "trustworthy".

It seems to me that he is trying to lend himself the veneer of respectability and integrity of Christianity, as a businessman. If all of these negative reports are true--it seems like he really is not a respectable businessman of integrity.

Sad. And it is sad to me that he would seemingly expoit peoples' sacred symbols, spirituality, and religion, and trust, that way.

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Wanted to hear comments from people who actually purchased the pillows. Do not care whether he wears a cross or not.

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