I bought and received My Pillow before I saw that the company was a sponsor of Rush Limbaugh's radio program. I am satisfied with the product but would NEVER have purchased it if I had known it was a sponsor for Rush Limbaugh.

I will also NOT recommend the pillow to anyone. I think the company should revisit their choice of advertising with a bigot, racist, woman hater and hateful human being.

He incites his listeners with his untruthful rantings.

Location: La Crosse, Wisconsin

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LOL, get over yourself.

@Zelphia Khf

I love Mike Lindel. He loves America so I’m going to buy some extra pillows for my guestroom. If you don’t like him go F yourself.


if a person purchases anything that has the return policy they have, what is the issue? making a purchase or not based on a celebrity endorsement is moronic.

they all get paid to do these ads. consumers are clueless as to whether or not they have tried the product. the ONLY thing we know for sure is they are getting paid to do the ad. it is obvious the person making the comment is an idiot, a democrat and not a fan of anything to do with republicans.

pretty safe to say that if rush limbaugh created a cure for cancer that would save millions of lives this person would find something wrong with it, even if there was nothing wrong with it. same goes for a person on the other side of the aisle with the same level of intelligence.


Buying two now! Thanks for the sale.


Why would anyone listen to a hateful liberal? I think this Christmas I will buy everything that the libs boycott! Lol


Thanks to this review, I am purchasing two MyPillows! If this libtard says they suck I am sure they are just the opposite and are awesome!


Screw all of you liberal *** please move to where your friends are in the Middle East, or North Korea, and let the REAL MEN handle the work here. Liberals are nothing but a bunch of p3ssy, whiners.


Ha ha.


A company chooses advertising based on the number of impressions it gets not based on politics.

Whiners like you are why Rush commands such a large audience and advertisers.

Obviously you never actually listened to Rush. He loves all those you claim he hates.

Just not the libtard ones. :)


This is supposed to be a comment on how you like/dislike My Pillow, not a liberal rant on radio personalities! You sound like a child holding his breath till you turn blue.

Rush is intended for mature adult audiences. Hmm since you are still in your childish state, that may be the reason you dislike Rush!


not a bigot, or a racist or a woman hater or hateful...unlike you.


How do you feel now that Trumps in the white house? Snic!

If you don't like Rush then I bet you just hate Trump!!

I love to run into a sniveling liberal crybaby almost as much as I love global warming!

go ahead... squirt some tears... on your mypillow!!!


Looking forward to my pillows. Frankly, if Rush says they are good then I am sure they are!




I read the rant from the purchaser who somehow hates his pillow because the company is a sponsor of Rush Limbaugh. He goes on to call Rush a "bigot, racist, woman-hater and hateful human being".

Unfortunately, there's a typo in the disclaimer at the bottom of his post where it says, "This review is a subjective opinion of a user."

It should read, "This review is a subjective opinion of a LOSER."

We apologize for any inconvenience normal human beings have incurred through the ignorance of this liberal individual.


You are sick


Sounds like somebody needs a hug.


Commie, *** left handed punk, review the product. Don't criticize whomever advertises their it.


You care to back up your hate filled rant about Rush Limbaugh? How ignorant that withhold a positive review on a product you like.

They provided a product you like and you should let others know that.

You will find they advertise on many different marketing channels. You really sound like a really bigoted and biased person but I'm sure you see yourself differently.

As a Rush listener, I doubt that you listen to him at all.

You likely just listen to what others think of him. I challenge you to listen to him for two weeks and form your own opinion.


Wow he wasn't a biggot or anything!


I listen to Rush (really only when driving )if I want intelligent conversation about politics. I used to think he was a blowhard and in some respects he can sound like one.

BUT the big difference is if you allow yourself to really listen and THINK about what he says you may just realize he's most often on target about both political parties. I used to be unaffiliated but joined Republican Party so I could vote in the primary.

However after years of continued disappointment in Republicans I changed my affiliation back to unaffiliated because I really lean libertarian on many issues-but not all that's for sure! So here I am online looking for a Rush Limbsugh code just so I can order from MY PILLOW and show my support of Rush in doing so.

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