I bought and received My Pillow before I saw that the company was a sponsor of Rush Limbaugh's radio program. I am satisfied with the product but would NEVER have purchased it if I had known it was a sponsor for Rush Limbaugh.

I will also NOT recommend the pillow to anyone. I think the company should revisit their choice of advertising with a bigot, racist, woman hater and hateful human being.

He incites his listeners with his untruthful rantings.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Location: La Crosse, Wisconsin

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If this customer makes his purchases based on who's show he likes he should go jump in a lake. What an ***.

Typical liberal. I will buy twice as many as planned and recommend it to twice as many people because of this ***.


You have to either have no brain or be intellectually dishonest to make such claims of Rush. Such claims are part of the democratic marketing spin designed to influence those that never bother to listen.

If they do listen, they know what you say is the farthest thing from the truth. So why do you say these things?

Obviously you are part of the propaganda engine. Does it really make you feel good to spew such hateful lies?


Interesting! Rush Limbaugh never uses the word "Hate" or calls anyone a racist or bigot. Makes you wonder who the real bigots are.


you must be a left wing wacko,what rush says is what most people think because if you don,t think like a left winger you are raci a bigot etc etc free speech is only for those who agree with the commies.


I think you are confusing Rush with Obama.


Wow I don't agree at all and knowing that this company sponsors Rush Limbaugh will make me want to buy a pillow. Have you ever listened to the show? There's not a hateful bone in Rush Limbaugh's body.


Must be a liberal! Liberalism is a mental disorder.


That is what Dr. Savage would say. Love it.


learn to spell.


yes!someone else who thinks rush is a disgusting person!


Typical leberal has no idea what Rush is all aboutrobaly has never heard the show. An Obama fan


YOU don't sound void of those same character traits of which you ascribe Mr.Limbaugh!! Guess the FINGER points right back to you!!


Your review quite clearly is asinine. Your review has NOTHING to do with the product. It should be deleted.


I love this classic stupidity! "The ways justify the means" unless it helps me AND a radio talk show host.


Truth hater


This is so funny and proof liberals are IDIOTS and have a MENTAL DISORDER. She likes a pillow which on here most people hate.

Then the reason she does not like it is because of it's advertising choices. Let me ask you this ***, you cold hearted piece of cow dung, do conservatives not deserve a good nights sleep?


Wow !!! Really?

So you like the pillow but dont like where they run ads...you know they run ads on CNN and CNBC also. Its about selling product not about politics....good lord...


Sounds like another typical liberal. You're supposed to be rating the product, not subjecting people to your political rantings.


You call him a hateful human being ? You better re-read what you wrote.


Really! Do you have proof or do you just run your mouth!

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