I bought and received My Pillow before I saw that the company was a sponsor of Rush Limbaugh's radio program. I am satisfied with the product but would NEVER have purchased it if I had known it was a sponsor for Rush Limbaugh.

I will also NOT recommend the pillow to anyone. I think the company should revisit their choice of advertising with a bigot, racist, woman hater and hateful human being.

He incites his listeners with his untruthful rantings.

Location: La Crosse, Wisconsin

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I totally disagree. I would purchase based upon Rushs' recommendation


La Crosse........say no more......probably drives a Yugo.


How do you know what Rush talks about or stands for? Oh, you must be one of those people who complains about everything because they love being miserable and enjoy complaining about anything.

If you don't like capitalism and free enterprise, why don't you move to a country north of you.


It's a PILLOW review you jack***!!!


Liberals were and always will be the downfall of this once great country. Sheeple.


Why don't you contact your Obamacare provider from your Obamaphone to have them set up an appointment for you with an Obamacare approved sleep specialist that will prescribe a medically crafted head rest device.

Then you will not have to purchase products from lovers of liberty and freedom. You know......Americans.


You sound like another libtard who cannot stand to hear the truth. Go ask killery where to purchase pillows you *** ***....


you sound like a Obamy a..hole liberal.LOL


Get over it. Just because they bought advertising on Rush's show, has nothing to do with Rush.

Companies but advertising on every type of media. Ever hear of COMMERCIALS??


I`m sure you don`t listen to him. Nothing you`ve said is true!


I thought this was a commentary om my pillow not Rush. You, my friend, are the hater.

Apparently you dont listen to his program or you would not have that opinion (unless youre a bleeding heart liberal). Lay off the koolaid.


your lying


Did you read your comment? Who is spewing hate.

Do you like the product or not?

Does it matter who he advertises with.

If it's a good product say so if its not say so.

This is a product review not a place for political comment.


You liberals are all the same. Same *** talking points calling people names spewing your bigotry against the truth.

Sometimes the truth hurts. Get your head out of your *** and look around thi country is going to *** and look at all the democrat states and tell me how they're doing


Well, since you're an obvious liberal pig, then go find yourself and uncomfortable pillow. How would you like it if people didn't do business with you because you obviously believe in a progressive agenda. ***!


I guess you are a communist liberal freedom hater, probably voted for mr. obama... how's your healthcare premium?


Liberal wenier who blindly follows the blind


I see that this person has never listen go Rush. What joke you are.


Think education is expensive... Try liberal ignorance


Mind your place, woman! Where's my pimento cheese sammich?!


(Sorry...I just couldn't pass that up)

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