I bought and received My Pillow before I saw that the company was a sponsor of Rush Limbaugh's radio program. I am satisfied with the product but would NEVER have purchased it if I had known it was a sponsor for Rush Limbaugh.

I will also NOT recommend the pillow to anyone. I think the company should revisit their choice of advertising with a bigot, racist, woman hater and hateful human being.

He incites his listeners with his untruthful rantings.

Location: La Crosse, Wisconsin

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Sad for you. Great that they support the one and only RUSH!


Ya I'd rather buy from a tree hugging lidtard any day!


I always find it curious that someone is so personally affected by another person whose opinions do not agree him/her. And then they espouse doing to that person what they so vociferously oppose from the other guy.



That is the most rediculus non-relevant complaint. If its a good product..it's a good product!

Politics gone to far, sad and so divisive non-relevant comment. Our country need to unite!


Thanks for the info about Rush. I'll be ordering pillow tomorrow.

Don't like Rush. Listen to CNN or CBS like the other lemmings


Anyone that thinks it is a good idea to associate himself with total *** like Stephen Baldwin and Rush Limbaugh is another total ***, obviously. Thankfully, customers can vote with their feet. Stay away!


You are out-voted ....loser

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